Analysis of LTE frequency distribution: A few happy several worries?

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With the LTE-band distribution, LTE's second-last shoe has landed and everything is ready to be issued. Carefully weigh the LTE frequency distribution scheme, the three operators who benefit, it is hard to say. Let's take a look at the specific distribution map: The initial scheme, not the final pattern is not difficult to see, there are a large number of empty bands to be allocated, total 110MHz, and the original use of PHS 20MHz frequency band unresolved, persistent long-standing difficulties. Therefore, this plan is only an initial plan, is not a final pattern. Mobile does not profit looks like the most mobile bandwidth, so the most mobile harvest, in fact, things are not so simple. B40 Band is congenitally deficient, can only be used for indoor coverage, so more points are good, but not the main point of concern. The low end of the B39 20MHz itself is moving in the bag of things, this time just clear attribution, also not profit. B41 on the move to 60MHz, looks very beautiful, in fact, is the worst scheme. B41 A total of 190MHz, in the previous I wrote 190MHz How to divide, the best way to move is to take 190MHz, the second good plan is to obtain 100MHz, paving the way for the development of TD-LTE-A, the worst scheme is the equalization and access to the B38 band. This is because the 2.6GHZ coverage ability is poor, can improve the performance of the outlet is the large bandwidth. Now in the distribution scheme, the mobile bandwidth in the middle, obviously not allow mobile expansion, should be very poor pattern. The only consolation to move is that it basically encompasses the B38 band, the so-called global roaming band. In short, the current plan does not reflect the mobile contribution to the LTE industry. Telecom and Unicom, soy sauce? Telecom and Unicom also have nothing to be pleased with, in the LTE field, no matter from the implementation of experience and band allocation, can not be compared with the mobile, this case, but also to accompany the Prince to read, can it cool? In contrast, it seems that the telecommunications situation is slightly better, the expansion of the bandwidth is better. Of course, Unicom's band in the low-end, there are some advantages. 4th house? Look at the B41 band of the blank area, I suddenly have a feeling, can not be divided to the 4th house?
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