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Now the Internet is in a state of rapid development, Web site construction by leaps and bounds, SEO search engine optimization is also more and more attention, the site is user-oriented groups, so how to plan a site construction of the early SEO optimization is essential.

Site construction in accordance with the requirements of the early planning of the site column content and general functions, and to develop this direction, this is the site construction must undergo an important step. Then the next SEO is essential to the operation of the process, if you want your site to have a good ranking on the search engine, then in the site construction before the preparation of SEO is a wise choice, it will greatly enhance the site on the network exposure rate, but also to avoid future site maintenance, such as the revision of a series of unnecessary trouble, save a lot of manpower and material resources, to achieve a multiplier effect.

Then the site construction needs to do what SEO preparation work? Next, Xiamen SEO and everyone to share the site design should consider what factors to ensure that the site in the search engine friendly.

1, select a good domain name and space server

A good domain name or a domain name closely related to the content of the site, users can easily remember. In addition, users like the speed of the site, the choice of space to stabilize, open faster, do not choose to be punished by the space, conditional words best to have their own independent server. Now page loading speed has become one of the factors that affect Google rankings.

2, the idea of clarity, the construction of a good website structure

A good site structure in the process of SEO plays an indispensable role, good site structure can let search engine on your site like to add, carefully choreographed the content of the site, directory and file structure.

3. The HTML code conforming to the standard of the Consortium

Try to write code that conforms to the standards of the international standard, adopt Div mode, simplify the source code, and outward CSS and JS file, so that the search engine can quickly analyze the meaning of each label element of the page. You should also avoid using frames.

4, Website URL standardization

If you can, try to make the site URL less with parameters, preferably static or pseudo static, while at the appropriate time to screen with the parameters of the URL, to eliminate duplication of web pages. Do 301 redirects or use an absolute address to help search engines determine the site's preferred domain name.

5, the choice of key words

The choice of keywords should be related to the site theme, not too broad, also not too long, too special, should stand in the user's point of view to choose. At the same time with can expand the thinking, choose Search index many long tail keyword.

6, HTML tag optimization

Title tag is definitely a site ranking can not be overlooked an important factor, each page title should be different, preferably the only one. In addition, Meta, h, fervent and other labels are also the focus of optimization.

The author thinks that doing well above 6 points is equivalent to doing SEO first step. Back also the site must have the actual content, user experience is good, can let the viewer feel useful content, continuous update, attentively do the website, that is the real SEO. Be aware that search engines are always on the side of the user!

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