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With the continuous development of e-commerce, in order to promote their products, brands, services more and more enterprises stand, personal stations will be shifted to the Internet E-commerce, the search engine currently capricious algorithm changes, so that seoer not touch the mind, the general reaction is that feeling is now ranked more and more difficult to do, On the outreach Here I found the blog message, the effect of the forum signature has been less than in the past, in such a tidal current how to let our website outreach optimization more efficient, more effective so that we each seoer have to face and in-depth thinking of the problem, good gossip short continuation we enter today's theme, What should be paid attention to during the optimization of Web site connection? How to make our connection more efficient?

First, the long-term stability of the site connection. Now whether in the Forum or Q Group to listen to the most is Baidu update, some of the external union jumped hundreds of thousands of, some lost half, the face of these ups and downs of the site outside the author see all sad unceasingly, the author of the process of construction in the external union has always been the principle of the construction of the stability of the first, the main reason for a few. First of all, the stability of the connection shows the stability of the weight of the site, the higher the weight of the site external connections generally will not appear unstable phenomenon. Secondly, the quality of the external union. Some mass outreach, spam, and so on these garbage connections can quickly increase the number in a short time, but always difficult to escape the baptism of Baidu Update, low quality of the outreach is also ranked instability one of the reasons. The last is the frequency of updates. A long time does not update the connection of the website, will find out is also particularly powerful, so I suggest that the construction of the external link to stability as the first, the following author from a few points on how to make the external connection more stable.

Second, the quality of the connection. This should be the basis of the 1th above, connection quality directly affects the stability of the connection, high-quality Outreach is generally independent blog connection, the relevance of friendship links, there are a few friends can try to write A5 soft text, soft connection is high quality and stability of a durable high-quality connection, Less-written friends rely on their daily efforts and gradually accumulate some high-quality platform for connection construction, such as high quality Forum, free blog, classification information and so on are connected resources accumulation channel, Accumulate for a long time every day believe that these connection resources in the future connection construction will certainly be irresistible to you in return.

Third, the wide degree of connectivity. The wide range of connectivity is mainly reflected in the global approach, let more and more different platforms are connected to our site, the voting principle, a person voted you 10 tickets certainly not as good as 10 people each vote you trust a higher degree, performance in the site is the same truth, We have to actively in different platforms to establish our external relations, so that the connection everywhere in the Internet, of course, this is what we have to strive to achieve the goal, connectivity is not only reflected in the site to obtain the recognition of the extent of this piece, but also reflected in the natural degree of connection, will not cause the search engine suspicion so that the site is suspected of cheating, so to avoid the right to do a good job is not to put the eggs in the same basket, even if the blog is deleted will not have a huge impact on the overall weight of our site.

The regularity and relative dynamic stability of the connection update. This point is also a very critical fundamental issue that requires us to develop a detailed link building plan in the connection building process, such as how much does the blog outreach do every day? Exchange how many friendship connection? Write a few soft paper submissions and so on their own heart to have a very good judgment and grasp, daily update fixed number of external connections, do this, Long-term adherence to repeat the above steps in the process of adherence to the search engine changes we have to take its essence, go to its dross, will be some invalid connection platform, the weight of the connection construction way to exclude, so that the weight of the site will continue to be improved, ranking will be stable in the position we want to do.

To sum up, the author of their own in the operation of the Web site in connection with the construction of a detailed analysis, the author of the total connection building thought is better but not rotten, to quality as the fundamental, stability and regularity for the guidance, Long-term adherence and unremitting efforts to believe that whether the site weight or site rankings will remain in a front and stable position. Well, today and you share to this side, SEO more strategies Welcome to join the SEO real Exchange QQ Group: 54641201 discussion, this article by the storage Media Information elimination Tool original starting ADMIN5 welcome everyone reprint, please keep the site source, thank you for your cooperation.

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