Analysis of the benefits of using an independent international domain name as a way to make money

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Now individual or enterprise, many are the choice of Amoy customers to meet their various needs, of course, want to use Amoy customers to make money is also a minority. These are due to the rapid development of Amoy Group in recent years, such as many foreign Amoy customers are full-time Amoy, they quit other jobs dedicated to Amoy customers, half the monthly income of more than 3000 U.S. dollars. Of course, the money can not only come from a Amoy, such as the well-known imperial movement, he has more than 20 Amoy guests. So whether you are an official custodian of the ordinary Amoy or have an independent domain name of the prospective professional Amoy. Network advertising will bring you a certain amount of income, this money at least can help you pay the internet fees, host costs and so on.

Our domestic situation will be slightly worse, online advertising services are not very mature, can not make full use of traffic to make money. And most netizens choose such as Sina, NetEase, and so on Amoy, and so on Amoy guests do not have absolute control. So Amoy one months to earn thousands of dollars can only be a majority of the extravagant hope. But it's easy to get Bai a piece of pocket money every month.

For the independent domain name Amoy, the situation is different. The independent domain name (Amoy Guest's home) the Amoy guest may design the layout independently, places the advertisement, moreover most is the independent domain name Amoy after suitably optimizes its search engine rank also to be higher than other trustee's Amoy customers. Can also be based on the content of the initiative to find sponsors, but these are something, your Amoy customers must reach a certain quality and flow, will have a sponsor to find you cooperation.

Now the mainstream of the independent Amoy procedures to have the imperial movement and so on, in the function, optimization has been done well, installation can be built station, is very convenient, I now use is the Empire, feel good. If you are interested in doing an independent Amoy. () Amoy Home Original, turn please specify the source).

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