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These days because Cnzhanzhang by Baidu down right things have been depressed. Idle to tidy up the Cnzhanzhang on the article, wrote the following article.

First of all talk about what is the site is down right

The website is to be entitled to the performance is:

1. Search engines include your site slowly, usually in the snapshot update time, this Cnzhanzhang snapshot is stuck in July.

2. Your site keyword after the ranking drop or be completely removed.

3. If the weight of the words you update will soon be collected, the weight may be a few days and a half months of movement.

The reason that the website is down right is analyzed:

1. Content

Many stationmaster in order to better raise rank, often add some irrelevant topic on the website or long tail keyword, in order to deceive the search engine, to the traction flow, Cnzhanzhang to remind this to do webmaster short-term traffic must be good, but for the site long don't do it, You should know that the current search is a lot of manual management, do in the good can not escape the eyes of these people, do not despise the search. There are also a number of webmasters to improve the site's included pages, add data, and crazy collection of data, such a very short period is good, but such a station is very easy to be searched k off, the search database will often crawl content and his database content relative to, when found that your content is similar or similar, the light is degraded, heavy pull hair, If you want to fill in the data, try to add some content related to the site, selective addition, in more relevant sites to copy some more people like professional content, it is best to add some original, so that more search spiders like.

The website also has to update regularly, the best is every day update, so every time the spider to do station, have rice to eat, also like you stand, eat every day. The search engine's manual management is quite NB, do not search for SEO to do the station, but to do for visitors to stand, the page to do more in line with the human vision, simple atmosphere, convenient for visitors is the key, often see a lot of webmaster sad, my webmaster did not optimize also did not cheat how to be k, This is possible to do the station keyword too NB reason, some popular keywords and bidding more words, are the search engine manual management of long-term goals, manual management is quite NB Ah, not to despise.

2. Website procedure source code aspect

Do not often modify the site Title,keywords and description, search engine crawl, will not immediately show up, to have a refreshing process, this period may lead to a decline in the site rankings, or even search downgrade, hair, Cnzhanzhang had a similar experience, remorse unceasingly. There are many webmaster modified the site construction

Remember to change the structure of a Web site, it is equivalent to let search spiders again, spiders to your site crawling indexing rules, crawling to your spider site Directory, classification into the request, which is also affecting the normal ranking of an important reason.

3. Server aspects:

Server is also important, the server is one of the infrastructure of the website, in the process of selecting a server, try to find a relatively large, good reputation, do not covet small profits, and the choice of cheap, no "People's Republic of China value-added telecommunications business license" of the company, such companies in the industry and commerce have * *, there are laws to check . Not some skinny company. I have a customer is the choice of the company's virtual mainframe, I am responsible for his website ranking promotion (keyword ranking of the top three), the host run for half a year, then the site and the domain name at the same time lost, for him is also a lot of loss, here I recommend data Baidu, Many of my customers are buying his host, the host price is very high. and more stable.

Don't covet cheap. In the said server instability, search engine spiders in the crawl and update, if the site is not normal access, affect the search rankings, Heavy web site is in danger of K. In addition, if your site is just with some of the cheating site together, these sites were expelled by spiders, not in the index crawl, causing your site to be in the doghouse, directly affect your site is expelled, not indexed crawl. The last point is that if your site is attacked, hackers implanted virus code, the impact of causing the guest computer poisoning, visitors to the search complaints. Search engines also expel "offensive" sites, others also want to better improve the service of netizens.

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