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Different types of cloud storage operators offer different services to the outside world. Depending on the type of service provided by the cloud storage and the user orientation, cloud storage services can be divided into individual application and enterprise-level applications.

Personal level cloud storage application

1, network disk

I believe many people have used Tencent, MSN and many other large Web sites launched the "Network disk" service. Network disk is an online storage service, users can upload and download files by means of Web access, and realize the storage and backup of personal important data. Advanced network disk can provide Web page and client software, such as two kinds of access, I used in 2002 Xdisk This network disk software system, it can through the client software in the local creation of a name disk x virtual disk, to achieve the storage and management of important files, The same way you use the local disk.

The capacity space of a network disk generally depends on the service strategy of the services provider, or on how much the user wants to pay the provider.

2. Online document editing

After the rapid development in recent years, Google can provide services already from the original single search engine, extended to the Googlecalendar, Docs, GoogleScholar, Googlepicasa and many other online application services. Google generally calls these online apps services cloud computing.

Compared with the traditional document editing software, the appearance of Docs will make a great change in the way we use and use habits, we will no longer need to install Office software on personal PCs, just open the Docs Web page, Document editing and modification (using cloud computing systems) can be done through docs, and edited documents are saved in the personal storage space provided by the Docs service (using the cloud storage System). No matter where we go, we can log on to docs again and open the document saved in the cloud storage system. The ability to manage the rights of the cloud storage system, as well as the ease of sharing, routing, and copyright management of documents.

3, online games

In recent years, online games have received more and more young people's Love, Legends, Warcraft, martial arts, such as a variety of different themes and styles of games, online gaming companies also resorted to all the tricks to attract players. But a lot of players will find a very important problem: because of bandwidth and the performance of a single server, to meet the tens of thousands of players online, online game companies need to build a lot of game servers in different parts of the country, and these game servers on the players are completely isolated from each other, It is impossible for players on different servers to meet in the game, let alone team up to complete the game.

Later, we can build a huge, super-capable game server group through cloud computing and cloud storage System, this server group system is like a server for gamers, all players compete together. Cloud computing and cloud storage applications can replace the existing multi-server architecture, enabling all players to focus on the management of a game server group. All players get together, which will make the game more exciting and the competition more intense. Colleagues, cloud computing and the use of cloud storage systems, to maximize the performance of the game server, to achieve more functions; players in addition to no longer need to download, install large capacity game programs, but also to avoid the need for regular game upgrades and other issues.

Second, enterprise-class cloud storage applications

In addition to personal-level cloud storage applications, enterprise-class cloud storage applications will soon be available and may become a major force for cloud storage applications in the future. From the current situation of storage applications in different industries, the following types of systems may soon enter the cloud storage era.

1. Enterprise Space Leasing Service

With the development of informatization, the amount of information data of each enterprise and unit has been increased geometrically. The increase in data volume does not just mean more hardware input, but also more room for environmental equipment input, and maintenance costs and human costs. Even now there are still many units, especially small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the funds to buy stand-alone, private storage devices, and no storage technology engineers can effectively complete the storage equipment management and maintenance.

Through High-performance, large-capacity cloud storage systems, data service operators and IDC data centers can provide convenient and fast space leasing service for enterprises that cannot purchase large capacity storage equipment separately, and meet the increasing business data storage and management services of enterprises and institutions. The day-to-day management and maintenance of a large number of professional technicians can ensure that the cloud storage system runs safely and that data is not lost.

2, Enterprise-class remote data backup and disaster recovery

With the increasing amount of data in the enterprise, the security requirement of data has been increasing. The data in enterprise should not only have enough capacity space to store, but also need to realize data security backup and remote disaster tolerance. Not only to ensure the security of local data, but also to ensure that when there is a major local disaster, through remote backup or remote disaster recovery system for rapid restore.

Through High-performance, high-capacity cloud storage systems and remote data backup software, data service operators and IDC data centers can provide space leasing and backup business leasing services for all enterprises that need remote data backup and disaster recovery, ordinary enterprises and institutions, SMEs can rent IDC data Center to provide space services and remote Data backup services, can establish their own remote backup and disaster recovery system.

3, Video Surveillance system

Over the past two years, telecom and Netcom in the country to build a lot of different sizes of "global eye", "Wide Vision" network video surveillance system. The ultimate goal of the "global Eye" or "wide vision" system is to build a network of similar voice and data services, all over the country's video surveillance system, for all users to provide remote (urban or off-site) real-time video surveillance and video playback functions, and through services to collect fees. However, due to the current network conditions within the city and the restrictions on the size of video surveillance system storage equipment, "global eye" or "wide horizon" can generally be in a city inside, or even a city within a certain county to build.

Assuming we have a cloud storage system all over the country and embedded video surveillance platform management software in this cloud storage system, building a "global eye" or "wide vision" system will become a very simple thing. System builders only need to consider the camera and encoder and other front-end equipment, for each encoder, IP camera allocated a sufficient bandwidth access network link, through the access network and cloud storage System connection, real-time video image can be easily saved to the cloud storage, and through the video monitoring platform management software to achieve image management and call. The user can not only monitor the image signal through the TV wall or PC, but also can watch the real-time image remotely through the mobile phone.

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