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Keywords SEO we neglected five long do

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In order to be able to let our website early from Baidu Search to have a good point ranking, at the same time also in order to be able to let the site have a lot of traffic, we webmaster need to optimize some of the site, but the site optimization is not an easy thing, in order to make more webmaster less make mistakes, so I summed up the webmaster in the optimization site , the most easily overlooked five problems!

1 webmaster anxious, excessive SEO optimization for the site-now webmaster is very like doing skyrocketing, even the optimization of the site is the same, such as today began to optimize the site, tomorrow will want the site to be able to row to the home page or first place, although the idea is good, but not everyone can achieve, After all, if that is so easy, there will be no SEO optimization. In addition, the webmaster in doing SEO optimization when to know one thing, that is, the longer the optimization of the site, then the corresponding site ranking the more stable, not like those who suddenly on the Baidu search page or first, the next day fell like that!

2 excessive piling up, or modify the site keyword--In some respect, Baidu prefers stability, and the most annoying webmaster change keywords, because the key words are equivalent to a person's face, and you often modify the key words and you often plastic surgery is no different, for a regular plastic surgery in addition to the person, I'm sure the rest of us are going to be sick of it! and search engines are the same, if you often change or overly add site keywords, it can only attract search engine disgust. Therefore, the webmaster when it is best not to change or modify add keywords, free to the last site optimization is not successful, but also harm to the site by the Baidu penalty will not be tasted lost!

3 too casually change or change the site template with the source code-believe that careful webmaster should have found, compared to other domestic search engines, Baidu's site changes are undoubtedly the most sensitive, even if the site is a code, or a simple punctuation mark it knows, And will also be based on the weight of your site to give relevant penalties, and the site in the SEO optimization period, once the Baidu penalty, then the site is difficult to get from Baidu what good rankings, therefore, the webmaster want to do optimization work, the site is the key to the ranking upgrade up, the usual best not to randomly change the site!

4 excessive to add friends chain with the outside chain, and the quality of these links is generally not high--the site wants to do optimization, want the keyword in other search engines have a front ranking, that filled the site will need to use the chain with links, but the webmaster in the release chain and add links when it is best to pay attention to, If you do not want the site to be punished by Baidu, must not be a short time to increase too many of the chain with friends, as well as to ensure the quality of the chain, and the most important thing is not to use those mass tools, otherwise to the last site did not optimize the good,

5 stationmaster own impatience, work loose, fishing--optimize the website to need the webmaster to implement the optimization plan unswervingly, must not loose, fishing, for example today is interested, then began to do some SEO optimization work, but today is not interested, do not want to manage the website, then to the website indifferent, How can the webmaster do this to optimize the success of the site how may be in search engines have a good ranking!

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