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With the continuous development of the Internet, to today it has been deeply connected with people's lives, people from the traditional thinking mode of life to a new Internet life thinking mode, the past people in the traditional life of the unthinkable events, and through the Internet has become a reality. This is proof of the phrase "technology change life" and I have to make a statement on the basis of the words "science and technology change thinking." It is the rise of the Internet, change people's life and way of thinking, according to official statistics in December 13 last year, China's internet users have broken 600 million, mobile internet users have broken through 500 million user, this huge data hidden unlimited business opportunities, while the number of Internet users will certainly continue to show the trend of growth, this point must be no doubt. But in the face of this huge amount of data, how it will be turned into a key issue to consider.

And in the use of the Internet to realize the process of making users of your products and services to generate trust, users feel you will pay for you, otherwise everything is empty talk. Therefore, in the Internet industry has been stressed that a "user experience" only in the Internet will be "user experience" done, the provision of products or services can truly meet the needs of users, while the user's information is true and reliable. In this way to long-term access to the user's favor, and ultimately achieve the goal of continuous change.

Talking about the user experience is not unfamiliar to engaged in Seoer's friends, "user experience" for the Internet any platform in Yang Seo seems to be fatal point, when a network platform can not build a good user experience, the platform will eventually perish. Today Yang Seo is to share with you net "Love Channel" user experience, talking about Net's love and Love Channel may have many friends have not paid attention to, we often see in the television or other media ads are net a "recruitment channel" advertising, advertising is about recruitment, Advertising on other columns may not have been seen or just heard a word, like Xie Na said a slogan "net" from the net advertising strategy, it is mainly want from the "job search, recruitment" this industry to break through, will "job search, recruitment" This product as NET's flagship product, For net on the "job search, recruitment" in the industry faced with "intelligent talent" and "worry" and other industry giants competition is a bit difficult, Yang Seo saw Wang Liyang to net "job search, recruitment" This product series related article analysis, specific content Yang SEO is not here to share with you, After all, today Yang SEO to share with you is not net "job search, recruitment" this product. Interested members can add Wang Liyang to the public micro-mail to understand. Let's go back to Net's "Love and Love Channel" user experience topic.

NET "Love Channel column" User experience in the end how? After Yang Seo hands-on experience, for net This "Love column" product is a bit inconsistent in fact, why say so? in Yang Seo seems net need is not what listed companies, but in the classification of information network industry is also regarded as "high, large, on" , net this brand as long as you are in the subway station or other media TV can basically see its ads, and Yang seo work every day by subway also can see with Xie Na as the image endorsement of net advertising, so that the circulation bombing type of advertising at least Yang Seo on the brand subconscious has recognized. It can be said that the Yang Seo in the heart of the establishment of credibility, so that believe that each of the net products are good, the information provided are not false. And after the net "Love Channel column" Experience really can make Yang seo big disappointment. Why do you say that? Here's a simple talk about Yang SEO experience.

Prior to this Yang Seo did not notice that net also has a love and marriage dating channel column, is because the work needs to use NET to do as a promotion platform to register an account, inadvertently found this "love Column Channel", the channel there are several sections of which there is a column for "Find a Girlfriend" "Find a Boyfriend" As shown in the following illustration:

When the discovery of this channel column, for Yang seo this bitter forced cock silk type of seoer man, and soon Ben three of the people, not a girlfriend, see this channel is to give a gleam of sunshine, give a look for a girlfriend's opportunity and channel. So Yang Seo to the Channel column page completed the personal information. Start searching for the girl you liked. At that time in the search process also found that the channel column also has a VIP member service and ranking in advance service, this VIP and ranking in advance does not say, and certainly is to spend money, but also net used to profit a strategy bar. For what VIP, Yang Seo first certainly pass off, so became a free ordinary member of the Channel column. The same day through this platform contacted several feel good girl, some girl Yang Seo also directly left QQ and attached a word, "if want to further understand on add QQ, I rarely on this site."

In the next day I opened net this channel column page to find a few girls to my reply, there is a two active plus Yang SEO qq, at that time the first reaction is that this site is indeed very good, the effect is very good. So I gave them the reply, and the other initiative to add my Q two girls chatted up, after introducing each other's basic situation, the two girls asked me for the phone number, and then I ask them for the number they are not willing to give, also said will contact me, until the time to work, One of the girls You Yang seo after work to the Baoan center to turn over the subway station to meet, Yang Seo was puzzled at that time, we do not know, do not understand how quickly the initiative about to meet, at that time the mind want to now too many liars or pay attention to a good, then did not promise her, said there is time I will contact her. At the end of the day she called and asked me if I didn't, I said there is no time next time. Always for such a situation yang seo are very cautious.

The same thing happened to the next few times, and I was asked to meet in the same place, but and I chat QQ is not the same one, and that girl still chat also OK, at that time think, I have nothing, she is not afraid of what I'm afraid of, want to see what she wants to do, so take this question that day from work to that place , did not see the person, gave her to call her, on the phone she said call me to that what shopping malls, she arrived in 10 minutes, I went there for 20 minutes did not come, I called again to ask her not to come, and then she told me where to go, I like the place she said to see the past, there is a leisure club and bar , at that time to "rely on" hurriedly withdraw, the situation is not seconds. This woman is not the appointment face of the obvious about meeting is an excuse. At that time Yang Seo decided she is a todo. Such cases as wine Yang in the University of SEO to listen to, and at that time Jiangxi Nanchang also cracked such a case, very do the girl of wine to use the Internet to find a boyfriend dating for you to take to the location of direct extortion after consumption, such as the event of the community can be said to be commonplace.

Such events appear on the net, for the net Love column for the user experience is very bad, at least yang SEO in the column channel did not  they want, but to get some false information, which seriously hurt the user experience, said here may be some friends will say, Now net do not pay attention to marriage and love friends this piece, there is no wonder the situation appeared. In Yang Seo look, words need to say so, but if the long-term so, do not take certain measures, the user may slowly net at a respectful distance, will lose the user's trust in net. Yang Seo seems to be the same company's variety of products are relevant, even if each product is independent, when you have a product is very poor, it is likely to affect your other products in the industry credibility and reputation. and love Channel column as one of the net products, whether or not to attach importance to this product, should be done well, since the development of this product does not say to do like a professional marriage network such as: Century Jia Yuan, lily nets, such as the Web sites such as good, at least to ensure the authenticity of the information inside it, you have to your users responsible for, When you are really responsible to the user, the user will like you until you truly fall in love with you and become your most loyal fan. Like those professional marriage network for registered users of information authenticity is a better control, there will be dedicated staff to the registered users to check the authenticity of the information. and net there is no such service, Yang SEO account has been almost a year has not received net phone. In Yang Seo seems net for "Love Channel column" This product is like let him to fend for themselves, anyway now do not rely on you to make money, in short a word does not matter. If there is such an idea yang SEO or recommend net Boss or don't have that idea, as the saying goes, "a screw broken a pot of soup" is this truth. Therefore, whether it is the product as long as it belongs to you, you may have users to use, when users in the use of the process to ensure that users have a good experience, to meet user needs, to ensure that the information provided to users is true and reliable. This is not only for net in the user's heart to establish a better brand image, but also to bring a good word-of-mouth publicity. Isn't that what net wants? I really want to do a good job of each product user experience bar.

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