Analysts say PS3 sales exceed XB360 Nintendo's new machine

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(compiled/ananas) Strategy Analytics, a market research firm, published a report on sales of the hottest 3 games consoles (Xbox360,playstation3 and Wii) in 2010, according to overseas media reports.  Although Xbox360 sales in the US region are higher than PlayStation3, the report said, Xbox360 lost to PlayStation3 at the end of 2010, on a global scale. The report showed that the Nintendo Wii was still a sales champion in 2010, with 75.5 million sales in the world.  PS3, with 43.4 million units sold at the end of the year to narrow the Xbox360 (42.9 million units).  Strategy Analytics Analysis said that even though Microsoft is now promoting the Kinect's personal peripherals, Xbox360 sales in Europe and Asia are relatively poor, and this is a big drag on Xbox360 's global development. "Although the Kinect device is an important strategy for Microsoft's development, it has been echoed in other countries except for the strategy of the Kinect in the US," said Jia Wu, a digital consumer analyst at Analyticsz Company, who wrote the report. The global demand for Sony's PS3 has surpassed Xbox360 over the past two years, and we expect that to continue this year. Jia Wu added, "It is recommended that Microsoft continue to work on research and development of innovative sensing technology, as this will become increasingly relevant to the era of smart home that people are about to enter, which is where they are going in the future." The report concludes with a forecast of the sales of the 3 hosts in 2011.  Forecasts show that XBOX360 's global sales will increase by 13.7 million over last year, PS3 will increase 15.7 million, while the Wii, on the contrary, expects its sales will continue to decline. Strategy Analytics said the Wii's sales will fall 1 million this year, and by the end of the day, the Wii will be ranked third in the 3-game mainframe. And the Wii is exactly the right time to offer Nintendo a new product.
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