Analysys think-tank: 2013 2nd Quarter Mobile browser still the main way to read online

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According to the latest release of the Enfodesk Industrial database of the 2nd quarter 2013 China Third-party mobile browser Market Monitoring report data show that by the end of June 2013, QQ browser, UC browser and Baidu browser 40.5%, 28.6% and 10.7% respectively Proportion of China's third-party mobile browser Market cumulative account share of the top three positions. According to the latest release of the Enfodesk think-tank Industry database, the 2nd Quarter 2013 China Third party mobile browser market Monitoring report data show, UC Browser, QQ browser and Baidu browser 37.2%, 36.9% and 8.5% respectively The proportion of China's third-party mobile browser Market active account share of the three camps in the 2 quarter. Enfodesk Research found that the current mobile browser market concentration has been very high, given the growing voice of native app, the competition between browser vendors focused on reading, music, video and other content as the core services. According to research data show that the current user's mobile phone reading is still mainly through the browser landing site, accounting for more than 55.2%, and through the client online reading ratio of 41.5%, there are a large increase. From the changing trend of user habits, the proportion of client reading will be increased, that is, there will be more and more users in the future to read the client migration, so for mobile browser manufacturers, in the user migration process, the need to use resource advantages, to achieve content aggregation, More important is to improve the user needs as the core of the personalized reading experience, so as to seize the user.
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