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The construction station procedure is one kind to be able to help us quickly constructs a website the intimate assistant, the current existence most websites are uses the construction station procedure constructs the website. Therefore, when you confirm the need to use the construction site program to build a website, if you do not balance the pros and cons of your site procedures, there will be possible to build a station program did not choose good reasons, hinder the development of the website! Below I will talk with everybody to discuss the construction station procedure constructs the website the benefit and the disadvantage!

The ability to build a Web site quickly is the biggest advantage of the station program. According to the traditional website construction process, we are planning a good site, we need to enter the site to carry out the process. In this process, if we want to develop a Web site system, it is necessary to spend a lot of human and material resources. This gives the website construction to raise the threshold, lets many not too many cost the pioneering team all have to abandon the website the construction!

Therefore, in this time, the construction of the station program to free or Low-cost way, to help us in a very short time to build a good site infrastructure, handle the server and database and other Web site construction issues, highlighting the establishment of the procedures of the high efficiency and low-cost advantages! Let many people without Internet technology also have the opportunity to realize their own Internet dream! This to some extent also promote the popularity of the internet!

Second, the construction of the station as a professional team developed an open source Web site system, in most of the code is written in the industry more formal. So to many are learning the Internet technology, but the Web site construction technology is not too skilled programmers to provide the opportunity to practice! For example, the combination of a variety of open source systems to build a Web site built by the combination of Web sites, to exercise the ability of the programmer to build stations, For programmers in the future to participate in the professional website construction to lay a certain foundation!

But in contrast, the construction of the station program may be in the future of the Web site development process to bring us a lot of adverse effects! The biggest impact is the hacker attack! As we all know, a construction station software is generally open source, which gives a lot of site attackers to provide a great attack space! For example, according to an open source site procedures for the website program, to recreate an open source system, and then in this modified article construction program embedded in a certain attack code, the attack code after a certain immune processing, uploaded to the major resource sites for users to download the use!

Perhaps the first time, you use this is modified after the construction of the station procedures, but also feel that the construction of the station program is indeed quite useful. But over time, the entire site will be in the hands of an attacker when an attacker makes an attack code in a forged build program. This way you pay a lot of effort to maintain the site for a long time, and finally there may be a wedding dress for others. Believe that this feeling will make most people feel unwell!

And even if you use the construction of the program is not modified by the attackers after the program, because such a program is open source, so still have a lot of security risks! Just imagine, when you try to attack an open source site, as long as you can find a loophole to attack a website built using this build program. You will be able to attack most of the sites built using this site, whether it is the personal technical proof of the attackers or the so-called economic value, should be considered to have a relatively substantial results! Therefore, because of the value of the construction of the station program will increase with the development of the program, The site built using the build up program will often be the focus of attackers, and the slightest chance of being hacked by hackers can cause huge losses. This is one of the most harmful points in the establishment process! and about the bad site procedures, there is a point is: the Construction station program development team code written dead, to the team of programmers two development has brought great resistance, the impact of team sites in accordance with the actual development of the team to adjust when the situation is smooth! So now the comparison of the mainstream of the site procedures, There will be a group of people because it is not conducive to two development, and the release of bad comments!

How can we balance the construction of the station with such advantages and disadvantages? Although the construction of the station procedures in the security and development may be a big trouble for our website development brings great resistance! But because of the advantages of high efficiency and low cost, if we can weaken the impact of the site procedures, Then the construction of the station program will eventually be able to become our website in the process of the intimate assistant! and to solve such problems, in general, by removing some of the more powerful functions, the establishment of the program's permissions to modify the distribution, so that hackers attack the effect of getting smaller! In the balance of the construction of the station is not suitable for us to use, we are mainly to find ways to find out the drawbacks of this site procedures can be controlled to the situation I can control!

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