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SEO optimization In many people are more value user experience, user experience directly affect the development of the site after the situation. In various major forums also have a lot of people to publish a variety of user experience of the posts, but the total feeling said not comprehensive, here tjseoer on the basis of their own experience in the site optimization process how to do a good user experience.

First of all, the definition of user experience: Simple is that users feel the usefulness of the site, through your website can easily and quickly understand the information users want to know.

So what factors affect the user experience?

First: Site host space stability and access speed. Imagine, if the site is slow to open, often the site can not normally open such a phenomenon, users are likely to give up browsing information from this site. It also affects the search engine's user experience.

Second: the number of portals. This is very simple, a website, no one can be directly in the IE Address bar to enter your Web site into your website, so the site has more access to facilitate users to enter your site, which is a manifestation of user experience.

Third: The site structure design, the website design should be generous and beautiful, not affect the user's visual enjoyment, web design focus on practicality, do not allow users to find the information to be difficult, at the same time can do some special design guide users to make a choice. For example, the purchase process, which directly affects the success of the transaction.

Four: Site content, the site content is very important, "content for the Emperor" is not to say so simple, the quality of the site directly affect the user to stay in the site time, this directly through the bounce rate, exit rate, as well as the length of the page stay directly reflected. So the content of the site update to ensure that the site is related to the theme of high-quality content.

Chapter Five: Website construction, that is, the page is directly connected to the page, in the direct connection to do the page, remember to do the connection between the relevant pages, through the anchor text connected to the relevant page, if the word through the SEO link to a Web page to promote, imagine what the user is feeling, feeling is deceived.

Sixth: Important page highlighting, such as an SEO tutorial page Such an important page, you can put a link in the top of the homepage, directly by clicking on the top of the link to enter this page.

Seventh: The website wants the user some interactive section, facilitates with the user timely communication communication, satisfies the user special request.

Website SEO optimization process needs to pay attention to the user experience needs to be fully tapped. Here Tjseoer summed up the site user experience need to ensure that a few: the site's practicality, functionality, reliability, aesthetics, meaning. Do a good job of these points, the site will be able to make rapid progress!

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