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"Content is king"---or at least it was dominant in the era of the dotcom boom in the late the 1990s, but the content was not a real change introduced by the Internet, and the content itself was not much different from what you could read in books, magazines or newspapers, What's really different is the ease with which the Internet can easily move from part of content to another--that is, the power of links, which change the way people consume content, and they can easily navigate across different sources of information. Before that, you need to keep searching in the library's data ocean, and after the data is transported to the library!

Just as links change the way readers consume content, links change the rules of the search engine, and with the advent of Google in 1998, search engines began using links to judge the quality of every page on the Internet, although Google first applied it to internet search, but historically, The pioneers of hypertext links have used the means to judge the value of information.

This is the most prominent feature of the Internet, the content of any subject can be easily created by anyone, and high quality information tends to attract more links than general and range information, and when tens of millions of of pages are voluntarily pointing to an article, it is highly recommended for the quality of the content. You can imagine each author who recommended that article, it may seem like you're recommending a good plumber or an able car engineer, and when you recommend someone, you're providing someone else with access to the information network that you trust, the trust built up by thousands of people's recommendations, and the search engine concludes , that article is valuable. is a trusted message, so that we can say, not what you know about the web, but who he knows-the page that links to your Web page that makes him think it's worth considering, not the actual content!

We will continue tomorrow to discuss how search engines evaluate the value of your pages and the links from your pages!

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