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In the analysis of the company's website background data statistics, from the data analysis found a problem. This is a very normal question, but the letter believes that through this phenomenon we can bring ourselves a very objective part of the flow. The discovery of this problem is the search engine keyword source for data statistics. In response to this phenomenon we have done analysis and targeted improvement, so that the site in this part of the content of the recent flow of a lot of imports. And the letter to this issue analysis and follow-up successful experience and share with you.

Website search engine keyword phenomenon: from the search engine to import the target keyword flow is more stable, and the letter this is not to say this, but we have never been concerned about the "keyword." This part of the data from the statistical tables reflected in the basic words are "long tail keyword" or other keywords can not be regarded as a keyword. If the single from the daily data of the key words, for the daily traffic over million station is of course nothing, but if we from the week or month data statistics, this flow can not be belittled. To do the flow of the site, I am aware of will not let go.

For such a keyword phenomenon, we first exclude the site's target keyword to form the "long tail keyword" This piece, because we have been doing, now the analysis focuses on the remaining part of the site and the target keyword is not related to the "keyword." From this part is mainly composed of some extremely unpopular words and long sentences. And through the reverse query, I found that it mainly appears in the title of our website article. Because the site is an elderly portal site, the content of the editorial board is responsible for daily updates, so the content will be more comprehensive, so that the search engine included in the content of the page coverage of a wide range. But another question has come up, why did the previous promotion through the search engine to import this part of the flow did not notice it? Mainly or before this part of the flow is too small. And now more is the overall weight of the site's rise led to the site's page weight.

Phenomenon to analysis we have analyzed, so now I would like to focus on how to make fuller use of this. The core goal is to expand this part of the import flow. We mainly do two things about it. The first is to communicate with the editorial office (and do a personal webmaster is not the same as the ship disaster turn around, need to communicate with the department) in the content of some channel articles do not need to focus on the site's target keyword to do, targeted to do our analysis of good keywords. and to control the density and layout of keywords according to the optimization method, and this part of the key source is that we selected from the background of the site is not the target keyword, and our promotion will be the introduction of large flow of this part of the non-target keyword page to increase the number of pages reproduced to increase the reverse link to enhance the weight of the page. This part of its own site has a higher ranking, easy to do up to stabilize the rankings. The second is that we have used the usual way to dig some words, such as "long tail keyword", this part of the words on the inside page to do, and give up before too fixed to do home and channel. Assigning this part of the long tail keyword to an inner page helps to increase the overall relevance and weight of the site.

Through the above measures, we have been tracking the effect, it turns out that our improvement measures have had a great effect. Of course, this part of the flow relative to the site in the Target keyword import traffic is still very small, but we are still happy to find that the data has been greatly improved. This article is for actual combat sharing. A5 Starter

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