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Sina Mobile News Beijing time November 1 morning, Google published in Thursday Android 4.4 "Kit Kat" details. Google said that "Kit Kat" was designed around 3 areas, including "Next 1 billion" users, the concept of "smart" throughout the mobile experience, and the development of mobile devices for the future. Google says Android is 3 times times faster in emerging markets than in developed markets, but most of the Android phones in these markets still use the gingerbread system. Most of these handsets have lower hardware configurations, such as 512MB memory. The "gingerbread" system is suitable for this hardware configuration. So one of the big goals of "Kit Kat" is to make these lower-profile handsets upgrade to the latest version of the system, creating a consistent experience across the Android user base. This means that Google needs to reduce the resources that the system consumes, adjust the various preinstalled applications, and rethink the way the operating system manages memory. Sundar Pichai, head of Google's Android business, said: "When the new system is released, people often need more memory Sandar Pichai." "Kit Kat" is not the case, and we want the system to run on all entry-level phones. A version of our operating system will run on all Android phones in 2014. "The most important feature of" Kit Kat "is that Google wants all users to use the same version of the system to solve the problem of fragmentation of the operating system version. Here are some of the new designs for "Kit Kat," which Google launched in Thursday with the Nexus 5 phone: The lock screen and home screen Google introduced a series of new features in "Kit Kat". For example, when a user plays music, the lock screen will display the album Picture in full screen. In addition, the new version of the system has adopted an initiator, the navigation bar and the top of the notice bar have adopted a translucent effect. Both the navigation bar and the top notification bar have a semitransparent effect on the home screen, and long pressing any space will reduce and rearrange the pages. When users run Full-screen applications, the navigation bar and the notification bar are completely hidden. However, when other handset manufacturers use "Kit Kat", it is possible to use a customized launcher to replace the system's default initiator. The dialer "Kit Kat" provides a brand new dialer that helps users get information more easily through search capabilities. When a user enters a company name, the dialer can also obtain the appropriate phone number from the Google Maps database, even if the company phone number is not known or the number is not stored in the phone's address book. "Kit Kat" can also support more powerful caller ID through this feature. In the dialer, the automatically generated collection menu will be integrated to show the user's most commonly used number. Google Maps database can search according to the corresponding number Google Hangouts as expected, Google in the "Kit Kat" through the Hangouts integrated text, video and multimedia information experience. Hangouts replaces the previously default message application, which can be addressed to a number or address bookSomeone to send a text message. The latest Hangouts application integrates the "Places" button for sharing locations, and the software keyboard integrates expression support for the first time. Hangouts and SMS Integrated iOS systems have been providing imessage applications, while Android lacks similar products. Hangouts is especially useful for users who switch from the BlackBerry platform to Android. With the new hangouts, users can not only add photos to the local media library but also add photos from cloud storage services, such as Google Drive and box, when sending messages. Google said any Third-party services could be added. New hdr+ software is available in the photo "Kit Kat" system. The software does not adjust the user interface too much, but you can take multiple photos at once, and stitch together the best parts of each picture to seamlessly output the best quality photos. The light will be more natural, and even if the background light is strong, the human face can be seen clearly. In addition, the shooting of moving objects is also more convenient. Wireless print in "Kit Kat", Third-party developers can add print functionality to the application. At present, all HP wireless printers support this feature, and any printer that supports Google Cloud printing can also use this feature. Google said it would enable the feature to support more vendors ' printers. Third-party developers can add print capabilities to applications Google search is the core of Google's product experience, so "Kit Kat" supports more convenient search capabilities. The search defaults to the "Hot word" feature on each home screen of "Kit Kat". Users just send "Okay, Google" voice commands can be searched at any time, this function and Google glasses similar. In "Kit Kat", speech functions are critical. Google said the error rate in speech recognition had fallen 20% per cent last year, while total speech recognition accuracy had increased by 25% in the past few years. Google Now in the "Kit Kat", the user can only scan the screen from left to right to open Google Now. Google's upgrade to Google Now focuses on the question: "How can we help users in more ways and provide the most relevant content?" "So the latest version of Google Now offers a variety of new cards." For example, Google now can find that the "absolute poison" is the user's favorite TV series, and provide relevant content and playback progress. Google now can not only understand the user's surroundings and schedule, but also know what types of content users are interested in, such as which blogs users often view. In other words, Google integrates some of the core technologies of Google Reader reader into Google Now. In addition, Google now will integrate some of the crowdsourcing data to provide better advice. For example, Google now knows that when users visit Yellowstone, they often search for fountain spray time,Therefore, when the user is in Yellowstone Park, the corresponding card will be provided automatically. And if the user is close to a movie theater, then Google Now will automatically provide movie schedule, and links to ticket application Fandango. Google now also offers a new card for Stanford University students who often search for school courses. As long as students inform Google of their current status, Google Now automatically provides them with a timetable when the new semester arrives. The deep link between application and Google search in "Kit Kat", when users use Google search, the search results will be directly linked to the application. This not only opens the application, it also points to specific content within the application. Some search results will appear next to the "Open in Application X" option, and click this option to open the relevant content in the application, such as recipes. This feature was released at the beginning of the partnership, including Expedia, Moviefone and OpenTable. This feature is currently available only to Nexus 5, but Google says it will be open to all "Kit Kat" system handsets in the future. Release channel from Thursday onwards, Android 4.4 "Kit Kat" will be provided through the "Android Open Source project" and will be first preinstalled in Nexus 5 handsets. The phone has been sold in 10 countries since Thursday. In addition, the Google Play version of Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One will be upgraded in the coming weeks. (D-Gold)
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