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Absrtact: This is also a 1999 mobile phone, but the unit is rupees, about 200 yuan. This is Alcatel (in fact) the OneTouch Fire C intelligent Machine, the weekend in India to start. The phone is based on the 25 dollar smartphone program launched by the SC6

This is also a mobile phone selling 1999, but the unit is the rupee, about 200 yuan. This is Alcatel (in fact) the OneTouch Fire C intelligent Machine, the weekend in India to start. The phone is based on the 25 dollar smartphone scheme--sc6821 chipset, launched by the exhibition, with the Firefox OS system.

This could be the response of Chinese hardware makers to Google's launch of Android One in India. In the middle of last month, Indian manufacturer Spice unveiled the first Low-cost smartphone Mi-498, based on one of the Android standards, priced at 6999 rupees, about 700 yuan, and similar in price to red rice, but its configuration was completely behind the red meter: MT6582 processor, 1G running memory, 4G storage, 4.5-inch FWVGA (480*854) resolution screen with 5 million megapixel camera.

and the exhibition and Firefox jointly launched a more low-end program: 1GHz CPU, 128M or 256MB running memory, support SD card expansion, 3.5-inch HVGA (480*320) Resolution screen and 1.3 million megapixel camera. However, based on previous assessments, such a smooth configuration of the Firefox OS is not a problem.

In comparison:

The biggest advantage of the Android One smartphone may lie in the sophisticated Android ecosystem, and the Firefox and the exhibition's solution is to focus on the low-end market.

India now has more than 400 million people per capita daily income of less than 1 U.S. dollars, is the world's largest group of poor people. According to Wikipedia, only one of India's top five operators has built a LTE network, and two of the mainstream operators have only Gsm-edge network coverage.

So letting hundreds of millions of people buy smartphones at 25 dollars, and using the web to slow down the internet, could give birth to another huge mobile internet ecosystem. Like the 649-dollar iphone that nurtures the US mobile Internet, the 1000-dollar Android smartphone nurtures China Mobile's internet.

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