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Is there a good projection software that can project the android screen to the computer, of course, many of them, such as 360 comes with a projection function, Xiaomi box can also (but seems to only support version 4.4), today is to say Vysor, A projection software from Google.

Advantages of Visor:
1, wired connection, fast picture transmission speed, small delay
In the daily consumer-grade Android screencasting field, there are many applications that offer wireless screencasting capabilities. The wireless is a bit simple and fast, but the shortcomings are also very obvious: the delay is severe, the performance is unstable, the scheme of screening through wifi relies too much on the wifi network, in some complex network environments (such as Internet companies can not wait for 3 per 5 meters walking distance) In the case of wireless routing), it is very unreliable.

Therefore, in order to ensure the stability of transmission (how can the success or failure of a perfect demonstration be placed on the uncertain WIFI network ~), wired transmission is the basic requirement. However, there is a frame loss when the screen controls the sliding of the phone.

2, the installation is simple and fast, zero-based seconds to get started
Vysor is a Chrome browser app that just needs to find it in the Chrome Web Store and install it all. The whole installation process is over~

Most of the other wired transmission projection schemes have very high requirements for hands-on ability. Either you need to download the source locally from Github or ask you to install Java yourself to provide a basic GUI interface. The environment construction and software use process is painful.

3, strong cross-platform performance, Mac, Windows, Linux take all
Thanks to the versatility of the Chrome platform, this Vysor can theoretically be installed on any operating system where Chrome can be installed.

4, share the keyboard and mouse with the computer
Vysor has a special ability to ride the dust: let your Android phone share the keyboard and mouse with your computer. In other words, in addition to seeing the application interface in your Android phone in real time on your computer, you can also operate it directly with your computer's keyboard and mouse! To give a simple example, with Vysor, you can make notes on the Mac phone directly on the keyboard of the Xiaomi phone. The screen in the note will be transmitted back to the Mac in real time, and it looks like it was a note-taking program on the Mac.

5, free
Vysor with such powerful features, and it's free!
Speaking of here, how do we use it?
1, need to install Vysor plugin (I use chorme)

2, start Vysor

Note that I don't know if you pay attention to it. There is a Vysor client on the phone. Don't forget this.

3, the demonstration
Now we can demonstrate it on the phone, or you can operate the phone directly by operating Vysor.

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