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These days people are most concerned about the earthquake. I would like to express my deep condolences to the affected people, and I also donate money in actual action. In this, I want to talk about the earthquake and my website relationship. Especially earthquakes, gossip, the great connection of celebrity.

At present, the earthquake news is flying, I specially opened the Wenchuan earthquake latest reporting area. To tell the truth, because the message from Sina,xinhua and other portals, copy over the weight and included are not ideal, even if it is to change title titles or something. But, to be aware of, the earthquake, everyone still in the gossip, in life, in entertainment, in the attention of celebrities. For those who do not regard the regular website as the content of the news report, to the content of the prospective original. Bring the clicks really amazing!

According to my statistics, my earthquake area GG every day non-stop spiders crawling, but included about 100, there is an article of the source of the visit reached exaggerated. This is through the "Andy Lau earthquake donation 50 million", "Andy Lau 50 Million", "Andy Lau Earthquake Donation", even that donation number brought to the location of my website "Important!" Andy Lau quietly donated 50 million!!! to the Red Cross. Content Connection Http://

Through the background can see the number of daily search this post more than 800 less than 48 hours clicks more than 1400! This number is not small in the daily 2000-3000ip of my website. Of course, I hope you can report more important and meaningful news. This is also the direction my area has been doing. Do not empty, plagiarism, to be more original, timely exclusive more.

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