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Angelababy big cut a wave, immediately become the boss, future can personally for Xiaoming manicure, continue to do considerate girlfriend. Xiaoming Angelababy battle not away from mother and daughter soldiers, to find her mom to do shop long. Angelababy and Ting Ding for the new store-ribbon Sina Entertainment news Beijing Time January 10, according to Hong Kong media reports, Angelababy first taste of the taste of the owner, investment in nearly million Hong Kong dollar opened nail shop, but also to find a mother as a store chief to help care.  Referring to being photographed with xiaoming in a hotel pool, she immediately smiled Feng Jue, but admitted to being a thoughtful and attentive girlfriend. Angelababy recently upgraded to become the boss, with three friends joint venture shop, four-storey building m:home yesterday (January 9) officially opened, which is located on the third floor is Angelababy nail shop, sister Yang Ding Ding also as a spokesperson, and together for the new store Ribbon. Angelababy happy to say: "This is the first time I opened the shop, I have not tried for a long time stage fright, but just a bit afraid." (How much money did you invest?) Investment of nearly 1 million, I asked very high, like decoration, as well as manicure master. Open the shop because I often do not in Hong Kong, come back very want to manicure, but if it is too late to make an appointment, if you open a shop is more convenient. When is the plan to return to Ben? Never thought, the most important thing is to be able to manicure, as well as a place for friends to play. "A close friend can enjoy the free business. Did you ask boyfriend Xiaoming's advice? Angelababy said: "No." (Does he know?) I don't know, read the newspaper should know. "She also says that boys can also get a manicure, she knew that there is a shop assistant's wish is for Luo Manicure, she will try to achieve for each other, and friends come to manicure can enjoy a discount or even free, see her relationship is close, ask her xiaoming whether free, she said:" I know he has a lot of sponsorship. " (you helped him with his manicure?) I won't, I'll learn later. (For him to do the experiment?) Looking for her mother, she is the shop chief. "Watanabe to Hong Kong to pick up early before Angelababy was photographed with xiaoming in the hotel swimming pool, she fed xiaoming eat fruit and hand towel, she immediately smiled and said:" Don't talk about him. (Are you a thoughtful and attentive girlfriend?) Yes。 (Xiaoming says if a girlfriend is late to wait for her whole life, do you think it's sweet?) We jumped out of the conversation and didn't want to mention the second person's name every time we attended the event. "In addition, in Japan, the development of a smooth angelababy, has always been the tide of the Xiazijie to know the old enemy, two people from Japan to Hong Kong, known as Dubian know Xiazijie recently quietly to Hong Kong, the original is Angelababy stick to seven digital remuneration to take the" French Wedding "ads, In recent days in downtown areas and other places braved the cold, to dress up filming, and the brand for the comfort she also prepared a lot of Japanese and Hong Kong food. (Ying Ying)
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