Announcement of suspension today

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Shanghai St million Jie, *st, China Branch, *st two spinning, *st second spinning B, Tianmu Pharmaceutical, Qianjiang biochemical suspension of one hour. The big drought debt, the big drought to share, Dongfeng Automobile, Hisense Electric appliance, Yutong bus, Baotou steel rare earth, Jinjian Mille, St Cotton high, gold seed wine, Hainan Yedaolugui, St Nonferrous, Sinotrans Development, too the shares, Rong Hua industry, the Nest East shares, Guodong Construction, days of shares, *ST days macro, National pass pipe Industry, tasly, Beihai National hair, franshion technology,  Kowloon Mountain, Kowloon Mountain B, the northern Wilderness, St Shanghai branch, flying Music audio, East Sunshine Aluminum, the shares of Asia, Xinhua kam, *st Mei Yan, *st Luo Bo, Societe Generale bank suspended one day.  St Datang, Changjiang Power suspended May 15.  The heyday of the start date of the suspension of May 18.  Shen Sea King Biological, *st Oil, St South one hour suspension. Deep development A, Cofco real estate, Min-kun B, *st biology, Beihai Port, St Four Ring, Times science and technology, Gree electrical appliances, Yongan Forestry, Rongfeng Holding, moulding technology, abundant music seed industry, China, US-jin Energy, Tibet Mining, Zhang Ze Power, St faction, Shandong Juli, St Hua FA, St Hua FA, *st star Beauty,  St Kyrgyzstan Charcoal, Tak Hao run Tatsu, Han's laser, Sun paper, Xinye Textile, Cangzhou Pearl, Ningbo Bank, St Titanium dioxide, Western materials, aluminum shares, Wanlida, Nanyang shares, three whole food, Jiangnan chemical industry, Yantai spandex, Huachang chemical suspended one day.  Guanghua Holdings, Holley Pharmaceutical, co-cement, Da an gene, Rhine biology special stop. Sichuan Lake Lake Cancellation special stop.
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