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In 2009, "Wired", an article entitled "Hardware from creative to hard to implement", says:

"The field of consumer electronics has once been a battleground for big companies, but in recent years there have been a lot of vibrant companies coming in." Although the threshold to enter this battlefield is much lower, but this area is really not a good place to get a piece of the dough. ”

Notable examples of 2009 Dystocia and even failure are:

Michael Arrington's Crunchpad was Arrington after a war of saliva.

Fitbit, a 100-dollar motion tracker, has been delayed for several months.

"Wired" concluded that hardware entrepreneurship should take into account a number of factors:

A design full of wisdom

The balance of time and cost

To gather up a bunch of the right people.

Over the past 3 years, the entire hardware start-up environment seems to be getting better.

The reason for this is that there is one more peripheral device around the IPhone, IPad or other platform.

Three years later, when Wired interviewed again, the situation had changed a lot. "Wired" will change the changes into Kickstarter.

Technology entrepreneur, New York hardware-Software Design Studio founder Uncommon (this brand of IPhone protection covers popular among girls) said:

"There's a growing number of hardware start-ups that are doing things like smartphones, putting things that need to be done on a computer into their daily lives." ”

With the reduction of the cost of hardware manufacturing and the maturity of the major platforms, the start-up team in the hardware field began to enter a burst phase like the software domain.

One of the many entrepreneurial teams is called yobble. It was founded by Colin Karpfinger. Their work is an iphone peripheral, which is like a two-head data line, except that the other head, as its name describes it, "air Guitar" can be used to sweep and play guitar in the air.

They are mentioned because they only spend 32,000 of dollars to produce their own equipment, and let them in the major channels of goods. Includes Best Buy and Griffin.

And this 32,000 dollar behind, in fact not only is a question of money, but an entrepreneurial ecological circle.

Thanks to Apple's popularity and popular, aluminum processing prices fell sharply. and the development of electric business, but also to the initial hardware start-up team to save channel costs.

"Now the start-up team can take the 50,000 dollars they have just raised to China and then watch their products be made and sent to the market." ”

Joe Garrison, the maker of a very popular hardware-cracking device Saleae, summed up in an interview with Wired.

And as a hardware "> Start-up team, they have a mature financing platform behind--kickstarter. In the area of hardware entrepreneurship, KickStarter not only acts as a shipping channel role, but also has a financing pipeline role. Although KickStarter's sponsors are consumers, they may be more difficult to serve than traditional investors, such as their intolerable delays in production, project changes, the development of endless prototypes, and so on. But that at least gives the start-up team a chance to get a check-and a lot of good entrepreneurial teams die because of the lack of it.

Yobble's 32,000 dollars comes from KickStarter's upfront payments. Chinese producers working with yobble have produced each Air Guitar, inserting it into the ipod touch for testing.

Last month, Yobble's "Air Pick" products were sent to Kickstarter funders, and the second batch was already on the road. One months later, Air Pick will be on sale in a retailer that cannot be named.

Karpfinger is now clearly happier than his predecessors-and now he is thinking about their next product. is still based on the IOS platform:

"We might be able to do a peripheral around the wrist--to help everyone play sports games." ”

(Responsible editor: Schpeppen)

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