Another way to go minimalist WiFi speaker: Yue pod to do music content

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Absrtact: Music-related equipment in the new hardware wave has a lot of potential for mining, such as WiFi speakers and headphones, the two can play a smart home market, a can play can be worn, the use of high frequency, this year at home and abroad also a lot of related production

Music-related devices have many potential to tap into the new hardware wave, for example, WiFi speakers and headphones, the two can play a smart home market, a can play can wear, use the frequency is very high, this year at home and abroad also a lot of related products, speakers have Muno and small wisdom, Headphones have Wearhaus and Muzik, today to see another wifi speaker "Yue pod."

Yue Pod is also a flagship minimalist style of WiFi speakers, positioning is the real life of the physical music player. The speaker body is connected to a common speaker, and then connected to WiFi, it can not rely on mobile phone independent access to music resources from the Internet. The appearance is a small disc, with three buttons on it, playing/pausing, adjusting and turning down the volume. Founder Du June said he wanted to fit the scene is similar to get up in the morning to wear clothes to brush their teeth or night home tired to listen to a song, the operation is basically zero, click to listen, do not want to listen to click again. Even if you think it's troublesome to click, you can shoot a hand, voice play or pause. Music, Yue Pod has been connected to the Watercress FM and Lava radio, NetEase cloud music and shrimp are still talking.

Du June told me that the data he got from the Audio module factory domestic multimedia Speakers One months of shipments is 30 million, in addition to 10 million of Bluetooth speakers, this 40 million to go is domestic plus foreign markets, the domestic individual users, the monthly shipments may be around 5 million, is also a small number. WiFi speakers from the beginning of last year really hot up, experience and scalability are more than Bluetooth speakers, the future should become an important point in the home.

Speaking of the future development, du June said the focus or software, hardware profits can be completely to the speaker manufacturers, but will retain the brand, while the software also do their own. This positioning is a bit like an integrated brand, integrating the music content provider with the speaker hardware manufacturer, both of which have access to both user and revenue.

This idea I think is reasonable, but need to speed up or build brand, du June this team is basically engineers, do products will be very efficient, but in product packaging and promotion may suffer, this is also a lot of hardware team short board.

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