"Ant Gold Costume" was formally established, to build the financial ecology with data as the core, to help the traditional financial institutions to transform

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Absrtact: October 16 Afternoon, 2014 small share on the day, the Ant Financial Services Group (hereinafter referred to as "Ant") officially announced the establishment, the preparation has lasted more than a year. Before Pengley and other senior executives come to the stage to state and answer questions, 5 from different industries, the background is not

October 16 Afternoon, 2014 small share on the day, the Ant Financial Services Group (hereinafter referred to as "Ant") officially announced the establishment, the preparation has lasted more than a year.

Pengley and other senior executives on the stage before the presentation and answer questions, 5 from different industries, backgrounds vary from special guests to start: In 2003, through the Taobao old camera, the world's first Alipay users weiping, publicity films to say "lack of money but not Wicked" Chongqing "Tam Daddy" Zhengdingxiang, Pay Treasure purse Barrier-free blind consultant Gu Ling, will pay the treasure for small business Yangzhou kebab stall Shanwai, and also in the Bank electronic Banking department Chen Hongwei.

Ant's Golden suit =?

2013, Alipay parent company--Zhejiang Alibaba Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.--announced that it as the main body, the preparation of small micro-financial services group, "Ant Gold Clothing." The latter target customers are small micro-enterprises + individual consumers. The company hopes to create an open financial ecology through Internet technology and ideas, and realize the goal of "let credit = Wealth".

Ant's Gold suit owns Alipay, Alipay Wallet, balance treasure, recruit treasure, ant small Loan and (in preparation) net merchant bank. The reason why we use ants to name, "is because we are small, we are only interested in the little world, we carry too many small dreams, we like with more small partners to peer." Like ants, small as they are, they work together to give out amazing power, never giving up on the road to the destination. ”

Although with Ali is an important affiliated company, but the two sides have no equity relationship, is two independent legal entity.

Cornerstone, Alipay

This Third-party payment platform is the cornerstone of the Ant service, from the user volume, the level of services have become world-class. Get the data to talk:

By the end of 2013, Alipay platform real-name users 300 million +, access to 200+ financial institutions, become an important internet payment infrastructure

Fiscal year 2014 (end of March 2014), platform turnover amounted to 3.8 trillion yuan

Currently, the platform to pay 80 million + pens per day-the highest in the global industry-among them, the number of mobile payment more than 45 million pens, accounting for more than 50%+

Cornerstone of the cornerstone, Alipay Wallet

Since last November, Alipay Wallet has been operating as an independent brand.

The number of active users has reached 190 million. Functional aspects, in addition to allowing users to purchase through mobile devices to pay, payment transfer, living fees and other basic services, but also into more and more offline application scenarios: Shopping malls, convenience stores, playing, medical treatment and so on. 2014, Alipay Wallet launched a platform based on the service window of the "Future Hospital", "Future Business Circle", "future travel" and other plans. August, officially launched an open platform for merchants to open the service window, card coupons, Wi-Fi and other interfaces.

Internet finance evangelist, balance treasure

Balance treasure in June 2013 officially launched-its year is known as "China's Internet finance"-today, ordinary people know money funds, internet banking, internet finance and other terminology, the balance of treasure.

It is also subordinate to the Ant's golden suit. As of the end of June this year, the number of users has been more than 124 million, capital scale of more than 570 billion yuan--and the balance of treasure docking of traditional financial institutions-tianhong profit treasure fund-to become China's largest monetary fund.

More trying, more treasure.

The platform was launched in April 2014, the main investment financing.

The Treasury is open to financial institutions, serving SMEs and individuals, and providing efficient and low-cost financing services for the latter. Products include: SME loans, personal loans, universal insurance, grading funds. At present, the cumulative turnover of the platform has been more than 15 billion yuan.

The upgrade version of Ali small loan, ant small loan

Ant small Loan as Ali small loans, aimed at small micro-enterprises, network business individual entrepreneurs to provide Internet, bulk, data-small loan services. Products include: Ali credit loans, net business loans, Taobao credit loans, order loans.

By the end of March 2014, the ant small loans for 700,000 + micro-enterprises to solve the financing needs, the cumulative loan exceeding 190 billion yuan.

First Internet Commercial Bank, net merchant

Ant golden Suit as the main promoter is preparing the network bank. September 29, 2014, approved by the CBRC. The ant's position to the net merchant bank is "based on the Internet, making full use of the Internet, large data and other technologies, mining Internet credit, serving small micro-enterprises and ordinary people".

On the open day, the executive team shared the results, product architecture, business development, and so on:

CFO Kando: Ant ecology is open to all financial institutions

Adhere to the open platform strategy, together with partners to build and develop the internet era of the new financial ecology.

He pointed out that in the future financial ecology, Cooperation > competition. The ecosystem itself is a business model. With the analogy of Alibaba (and its ecology) in the field of electric power, the financial industry will also have such an ecosystem--it will be based on cloud computing, large data base, credit system, supporting a wide range of businesses including payment, investment, finance, insurance, banking, etc.

Based on Ant's Gold cloud and large data accumulation, Alipay has docked 200+ financial institutions for more than 300 million users, nearly thousands small micro merchant processing payments (currently processing the number of transactions per year has reached Baishi). In addition, the insurance platform has been connected to the 100+ Insurance Agency, providing services to more than 150 million users.

Ant's Golden Cloud platform supports 1 billion of payments a day.

He also said:

"Ant Gold Clothing will be small micro-enterprises and ordinary consumers as the main users, the establishment of data, technology, transactions, the three open platform as the core of the financial ecology, support and help partners to create value for users." ”

CTO Chengli: Financial-level cloud computing

Ant Gold Suit the current technology can be implemented to deal with concurrent financial transactions 30,000/sec, tens of millions of payment/day, daily data processing more than 30PB, in 30 minutes to complete the million-level account liquidation. It is worth mentioning that in real-time large data wind control, the millisecond processing speed has been implemented.

2005-2013 years, the payment of Treasure Day trading pen from million to millions, and then to billion. Corresponding to the number of transactions, is the level of processing data-from TB to Pb, and then EB-level. The peak bearing capacity of the number of transactions ("11") from 2010 to 12.8 million, and then to 2013 188 million. The availability rate rose from 99.9% to 99.99%+.

What about the technical framework? After going to IOE (from the reliance on IBM minicomputer, Oracle database, EMC storage), the structure of "cloud computing + Ant service middleware + Ali database" has been formed. 2013, the ant has set up a financial cloud platform, the plan in 2015 to achieve a new technological breakthrough: the first quarter of 2015, the realization of financial middleware and large data platform open; In the second half of the year, the distributed relational database developed by Ocean was officially opened.

International Business VP Peng: The number of active overseas users has reached 17.85 million, and November will start overseas direct Purchase Services

Since 2007, Alipay began to expand its international business. The pace of international expansion this year-for example, to support Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Korea and other countries of overseas tax rebates. Also, on July 14, Alipay and the Global Blue Alliance to reach a cooperation: consumers in Europe and other shopping consumption, can be used to pay the treasure for tax refund, tax refund the fastest 10 working days to the account. Users can also view the accounts in real time.

Peng said: "Will continue to China as the origin, let Alipay service to overseas Chinese users." In addition, the next few years will choose key markets, for 2~3 billion of overseas users, will Alipay experience in China to overseas users, serving local users-so that they can shop on foreign websites also use Alipay.

At present, Alipay overseas active users have reached 17.85 million, users are distributed in 100+ countries, in Russia, the United States, Brazil, Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and other fields have developed rapidly. Involved in business including: travel booking, transportation, shopping, tax rebate, integration experience. In addition, Alipay has 14 kinds of currency clearing capacity, more than 2000 overseas merchants will pay Alipay as a means of network payment, for example: SASA, Lotte, BEAUTY EXPERT.

Peng also revealed that November this year will be with the United States well-known department store brand cooperation, the introduction of overseas direct purchase services.

Genming, president of Domestic Business group: helping financial institutions transform into data-serving core

Committed to building a one-stop financial services platform, the use of their own payments, large data, cloud computing and other capabilities, to assist the entire sector of financial institutions from the ability to serve the core, into a data-serving core.

Fan pointed out that banks and other financial institutions the most important resource is the network-the traditional financial services to sales-centric, around the network and other business. And with the rise of the mobile internet, everyone is online in real time. As a result, financial services are increasingly demand-centric and rely on data to operate. The accumulation of Alipay platform makes it have the new financial ability to meet the demand of the times.

Ant model is very clear, will be paid, large data, cloud computing capacity to open to traditional financial institutions, to help the latter transformation-in the ecology of ant-clothing, including banks, insurance, funds and other 200 + home from the financial industry partners. The advantages and strengths of these financial institutions are professional financial product design and wind control. In the Ant service platform, the group itself does not send financial products, but let professional institutions rely on the platform to improve service quality.

Incidentally, the meeting was still asked about the proportion of MA in the ants, Pengley's answer is: "will not exceed his group in the Ali share." ”

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