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The "China Calendar Perpetual Calendar" project, which is led by Anwar Media and co-operated with "Jeep and Chinese Perpetual Calendar", opens in eight major cities. Anwar Media has been committed to mobile advertising integrated marketing, this large media through its own database of big data analysis, as well as the Jeep brand's own characteristics and audience depth analysis, combined with Anwar media platform's own resources, and Jeep Users highly overlapping app was selected, completed seamlessly with the Chinese calendar. The event planning, Ang Wo Media will record the history of Jeep and record the perfect combination of Chinese calendar, the Chinese calendar for Jeep customers tailored to the four historic JeepDay, allowing users to Jeep brand, allowing users Jeep brand history and products have a deeper understanding of the true shape and spirit.

In the two already JeepDay on the line, June 6 to commemorate the landing of Normandy, launched the Jeep's big cut models, July 23 for the whole road experience day, launched the Jeep's free-light models. August and September will also have two JeepDay launched one, so stay tuned!

In the dissemination process, Anwar combined with the perpetual calendar of China's media properties, the advertising form of a full range of integration. The event was kicked off with a spectacular full-screen ad, and a daily exposure of 27 million not only fully demonstrated Jeep's brand, making June 6 and July 23 true JeepDay. Soft implant, the Anwar media communication with the Chinese calendar and Jeep, unanimously reached through the theme of skin implants, all-round way to create Jeep scene display. At the same time, Anwo Media also realizes that Jeep is highly consistent with the Chinese calendar users, is the largest basis for this cooperation. So Anwar media bold innovation and proposals made in the extension of the function proposed in the user's most commonly used calendar, reminders, notes three core functions of the extension, injection of Jeep energy, so do not disturb nor silence, innovation Function and form of organic integration. The notepad was extended by the background + JeepDay event, and was delivered on time. As a result, 645,538 instant clicks were achieved, resulting in a conversion rate of 27.27%. This attempt not only led to the most app conversion, but also detonated the overall transmission.

It is the end, it is also the beginning. Anwar Media has achieved very good results in this integrated marketing. In the meantime, ANOVA Media continues to work with the Chinese calendar and Jeep to launch a long-term communication trip to explore brands and apps: calendar events. The Lunar Calendar calendar held in June in Nanjing Station, let us experience a different Nanjing.

In July, we will work together with Annwave Media and the Chinese calendar to bring you to the modern era of Jeep; ancient; prosperous; full of bourgeois beauty of Shanghai .................. ..

Activity time: July 21 - July 27

· First Prize: 5, $ 329 outdoor tents

· Second Prize: 10, worth 200 yuan outdoor picnic mat + picnic package combination

· Third prize: 20, the value of 50 yuan prepaid credit card

>>> One or two third prize - Participation method:

Share this article to Sina Weibo, plus topic # calendar line Shanghai #, and @ Chinese calendar official account to participate in the lottery!

Grand Prize: 1, 2,000 yuan travel fund

>>> Grand Prize - Participation Methods:

1. upload city (Shanghai) travel by car to the Chinese calendar notes (by car need Jeep models);

2. Share this note to Sina microblogging, plus topic # calendar line Shanghai #, and @ Chinese calendar official account

Second calendar - Shanghai Starting from Nanjing, the home base of the Chinese calendar, we feel the enthusiasm and commitment of our friends to the event. Let us in this half a month, to experience the eyes of Nanjing, let us have the motivation to continue to the next stop - Shanghai.

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