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Shangcong, co-founder of Applied sinks

News and Information October 20, the 2012 China Mobile Developers Conference, sponsored by CSDN and Innovation Workshop, was held yesterday in Beijing, with the theme of "Opportunities and challenges under mobile mainstream". Invited the Baiyu industry elite for China Mobile Internet status and trends and mobile internet trends in the end cloud synergy and other hot topics for in-depth discussion. News and science and technology as a special support media will be the General Assembly to report the whole story. During the conference, Shangcong, co-founder of Applied Sinks, was invited to receive media interviews.

Shangcong said that mobile internet advertising in the future will have a very large market, but the current advertising development is limited to the traditional brand advertisers, the market potential has not really played out.

Referring to the current application of the store malware phenomenon, Shangcong said that the software in the application store before the shelves, to do a good job of prevention, safety testing two aspects of work, found that after the implementation of severe punitive measures.

The following is a transcript of Shangcong interview:

Reporter: Shing hello, my question is now we mobile Internet inside mobile application is particularly extensive, and garbage software, malicious software is also particularly many, you to this phenomenon how to see, take what kind of measure can evade let these rubbish malicious software shield off?

Shangcong: That's a pretty good question. First of all, from the Android mechanism we see the current situation, currently technically, because of its own Android what you have to apply for permission, Mass evil is not currently seen to have a particularly large scale, may not be as large as we think. But, in turn, it's a particularly bad influence. It's true, even if it's a little bit of a deduction, or just an app, it's going to have an impact on the industry's development. From the start we have measures, the first measure is before the application of the shelves, the initial time to do some prevention, before the shelves we will carry out security testing, the detection of two aspects, on the one hand with the industry is well-known mobile anti-virus manufacturers have cooperation, such as Tencent, like 360 and security Butler have to cooperate with them, The technology they scan can help us find out if there is something unsafe in this area. The second thing is we will be in addition to this machine scan, we will also have someone to work, we occasionally use our actual manual test method to look, run, to see if there is no top package software, malicious deduction of the behavior, this is the application of the last before the behavior. After the application shelves, we also have a promise, this is the only one in China to make a commitment to the store, we recognize that as long as the file is downloaded in the application, as long as we find that there is a deduction behavior, the user to the application, we will double compensation for his loss, this is from the end of this year we should say, the beginning of this year we have been doing this thing, Hold on till now.

Another thing is that all the malware we've discovered we're absolutely determined to get off the shelf. This is not necessary, and his qualifications will be blocked by us. The equivalent of before the shelves we have to strictly review, after the shelves we have very good compensation measures, found that malicious software we have severe penalties.

Reporter: In fact, we always know that we have been adhering to the application of a micro-innovation, what you get from micro-innovation, in the era of mobile application diversification, the advantages of application sinks?

Shangcong: I think that micro-innovation, first of all, as a start-up company, because we are still small, we are just a small business, in such a situation, we are not able to have so much control to do a great innovation, so for us to micro-innovation is indeed a particularly appropriate point, for some small examples, For example, we were the first in the industry to make a column recommendation in the early days, in fact, he introduced a number of media ideas, previously recommended about a list of where, and do not know why, also do not know why push him, we have a column called column recommendation, edit his column, write his article, Tell me why this thing is so good, especially human.

For example, when we first started, all app stores didn't have a download button in the list, you must enter the details page of the software, the application is the first proposed to put the download on the list, so that the user less one step click, this brings a bright spot is also very big, and now all the application stores are turned into this.

The biggest sentiment is, as a small business to survive, must have differentiated things, these differences how to come? Can only rely on their own a little innovation to do, may be big products and everyone now similar, but in some places have their own ideas, have their own characteristics, this has been very remarkable. For example, we recently made a product called the Android Game Helper, he is actually a PC assistant, this sounds like a pea clip, like a helper, but in fact, it is not the same, it is always for the PC to install software, but it is not the same as the market Android support is not the same, For example, there are more than one G game in the market, this thing allows users to download through the mobile phone is very difficult, because one is the flow problem, the second is the speed problem, the third is the stability problem, the best way is to download down the PC, downloaded down through the PC to install, this thing is very good for users, Also has the user demand. But in this case, we're not very well supported on a few Android helpers, they do not do this, because the big data alone, such as 91 will not download this data, others will not, so we think this place also has a market, and there are people do not very good place, it is worth doing micro-innovation, So we made an Android helper and the first one was to help download and install the big game.

Reporter: I would like to ask a lot of developers now to the Android application market complaints will be recommended, there are some application shop fees are higher, I do not know what you think of this situation? In addition to the application of the store, such as the application of the way to lead, what is the future leading prospects?

Shangcong: Your question is about money. I don't know how you got your fee.

Reporter: Some developers will complain that some of the domestic Third-party application stores will find their fees to recommend.

Shangcong: Yes. The head does involve a question of where the money comes from. First App Store itself faces such a problem, how do I survive, so from the point of view of the store is that he must have some profit model, store current profit model about the previous stage until now we generally see that there is a profit point is the place, is to do this promotion, to help enterprises to promote. This is actually because there is a market. Let's say a simple example, like Tencent, or a company like 360, they have a lot of budget to do the promotion, the money he must spend, and the other money he must be on the move to do his promotion, this is the inevitable thing, such a case, from the point of view of the store, I can also help you do promotion, can also make money, for the store is a reasonable phenomenon.

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