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Yesterday is April Fool's Day, 110 policemen again some nervous. In previous April Fools ' Day, some people not only are joking with friends, even call 110 false police to take the police "to poke fun", occupy the Rescue in distress "lifeline". Reporter from the city Public Security Service headquarters to understand that the recent 110 daily average of the city to reach 25,000 alarm, of which nearly 60% marked as nuisance, wrong dozen or silent, including false alarm. Police remind the public, malicious harassment 110 is illegal, public security organs will seriously deal with the false alarm and other acts, the Constitution of the crime will also be prosecuted for criminal responsibility.

Quarrel with daughter-in-law, play game lost, and even computer shut down the machine for no reason to call 110 for help, such alarm phone often let the police very helpless. There are also some exaggerated facts and even reported false police of the masses, not only wasted police resources, but also occupy a valuable lifeline. 110 The police center to receive police section chief Lichangming told reporters, these let the police alarm a warning call there are roughly three categories, is exaggerated fact-type, nothing imaginary type and threatened criminal type.

Exaggerated fact type

Husband and wife bicker about family violence

"Come on, he's going to kill me!" You almost choked me to death just now! "March 30 23 o'clock, 110 alarm station received such a call, the woman in the phone excited to shout for help, but she only confessed herself in the vicinity of the Mining University neighborhood, then the phone hung up." Immediately after the police call to inquire about the details, the woman said the other was not armed, and then hung up the phone.

Take the police officer dare not snub, immediately put the police task assigned to the local police station. But the police rushed to the scene found, the original alarm woman is and her husband bicker quarrel, in order to frighten the husband just called the alarm phone, there is no hands-on wounding plot.

Nothing imaginary

He lied about being strapped to a bomb.

March 31 3 o'clock in the morning, a call to the police 110 to tighten the nerves. The alarm man said in a nervous tone that he was strapped with bombs. Man said his surname Li, was tied to a bomb hijacked to Chaoyang a KTV. Bomb! It's tied to my chest! About 30 centimeters long. The man described it in detail, and the police dared not be taken lightly. "The man who tied me is about 1.85-meter tall, thin and face." "said the man.

"Don't worry, we'll send the police." The police officer promptly sent the local police to the scene. When the police officer nervously waiting for the results, the first-line police replied that there is no alarm person described the police situation, is the alarm people "Drink high", imagined out by others violated the police situation. Now the person has been dealt with according to law.

Threatened criminal type

To kill father-in-law.

A few days ago, 110 alarm station received a man alarm, emotional very excited, threatened to kill father-in-law. "For such sensitive police feelings, we attach great importance to, we will send police to the scene." "Lichangming Introduction, received the police, the territorial police immediately to men's accommodation to understand the situation." Originally, the man and daughter-in-law made a contradiction, he felt father-in-law not only not to persuade also pick things, more want to gas and dare not to father-in-law vent, would like to play 110 vent the inner depressed. "This type of alarm phone can not be said to be a nuisance, did not cause adverse social impact, and did not affect the social order, but the alarm person said the angry words, when the police found him, he immediately recognized the seriousness of the situation, immediately admit the error." The police have criticized the education and help of them according to law, and have informed him of the legal responsibility of the relevant words and deeds. "Lichangming said.


False alarm will face detention penalty

Police said that the malicious call 110 alarm phone not only seriously affected the normal work of the public security organs, and the long occupation of the alarm line, will lead to the real need for emergency police call for help calls not come in, delay the situation of the police reception.

Police remind the public, malicious harassment 110 is illegal, to dial 110 for fun, public security organs work order, disturb public order or false police behavior, public security organs will be dealt with in accordance with the law, the Constitution of the crime is also to be prosecuted for criminal responsibility. In accordance with the provisions of the Law on Public Security Administration Punishment, the Department is detained and fined for spreading rumors, lying about danger, outbreaks, police situation or otherwise intentionally disturbing public order. Reporter Sunhongyang

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