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Think of so many years through the entrepreneurial road, really a bitter tears ah! But think of so many halfway to give up, failure, I am still very lucky, summed up their experience, I think the biggest factor is the overall technical structure of their own and the team is more comprehensive, and in the field of excellence to the first level. Today, I think we have valuable experience to share with you, hope that those who walk the road of success Webmaster, do not give up, and perhaps the next step is the threshold of success.

Technology is the foundation, software is the tool, just like war requires shooting and guns.


As we all know, we see almost all of the pages are used html+css for the foreground code, but there are some "old" site used HTML4 tags, not using CSS for global style control.

CSS is more of an architectural idea of embodiment, very few attributes and values, can change countless effects, now popular style label separation, the use of style sheet to control the idea is undoubtedly a qualified webmaster must master skills.

Html+css code optimization is a watershed for high-end web sites and common sites, involving loading speed, SEO, coupling and so on. Therefore, we should not only be a qualified, but also a pursuit of excellence in the spirit of the webmaster.

Simple to say: 1. Do not use the overall Div, the title to use the H tag, text with the P tag, link a label to point to ALT attribute 2.css Global formatting properties do not use *, the same attributes to be merged and so on 3. Do not use inline style, less span, etc.

Ii. Dreamweaver

Many people will certainly ask why did not introduce UE Zend VS Eclipse, they are also very powerful Ah, in fact, most of the webmaster construction and operation of small and medium-sized sites, and small and medium-sized Web site is mainly based on ASP PHP. So I think DW is definitely the first choice.

I and now the team all request to use the latest CS6 version of DW, which has a lot of very powerful functions, can improve a lot of work efficiency.

DW to what extent, first of all must put the hands of the site all into, so the management of high efficiency, it is not easy to make mistakes. Work table code color, background, font size, tips, etc. to optimize all good, the use of shortcut keys is an essential skill, the last plug-in type many webmaster ignored functions, write plug-ins are a lot of people with rotten DW, have a shoulder why not stand it.

Third, PS

This should be a lot of webmaster a bit of a headache. I know a lot of senior webmaster are actually complaining about their own art ability to restrict themselves, and sometimes the site optimization function is powerful, reasonable structure, but the interface is always unsatisfactory, suffering from their own PS level is not high, can not do more good-looking, here I explain their own views.

Art, design This ability is required to do a lot of practice, repeatedly try to figure out, but also to expand a lot of professional ability, such as aesthetic, UE and so on. It takes a lot of time, so I suggest that you can copy yourself feel good interface, not plagiarism oh, no know-how, is to practice, actually not so difficult, I persisted for almost two years, one weeks to practice an interface, now a lot of ordinary designers, do web design really do but I.

Summary, adhere to copy, do more, positioning in the Web page art level.

Four, JS

In fact, JS really not difficult, far less than the difficulty of the PS, assault a 3 months, the grammar to chew down and do a few complete Web site JS, do not use ready-made JS, write their own. Later adhere to write, more research other people write, basically no problem, and this piece of grammar update is not much, basic once learned, lifelong benefit.

V. jquery

In fact, jquery is a library of JS, but it is the best use, the most popular one of the library, greatly beyond the trend of JS. I personally like to use jquery, the first usage structure what the design is elegant, the second large number of add-ons too convenient, the third information is very much.

Have the basis of JS, write a word: cool, I spent almost 3 days to read a book, get started.

Over the past few years the user more and more attention to interaction and effect, even Baidu began to improve the UE's weight, so this is necessary and most commonly used, the most useful technology, strongly recommended.

We recently on-line an enterprise website, the request is very high, wrote thousands of lines of JQ, used a lot of plug-ins, in order to avoid advertising suspicion, interested children's shoes can be searched: sparkdesign Nanjing

Vi. Flash

Someone should say: the goods are eliminated, but also learn it why? Frankly, HTML5 and the mobile end of the rise when I and my colleagues are looking at this, but as this project more and more, slowly found that the low-end features of Flash does not need to use flash, using JQ or HTML5 can be easily implemented , but a lot of complex and visual effects are really only flash implementations.

Therefore, the future of flash positioning should be high-end this piece, in order to enterprise development differentiation advantages, we have been in the team put a top flash division position. This piece of advice we should learn to study deep, learn shallow don't waste vision.

Vii. php/asp

Although the ASP stopped updating for a long time, the market share is shrinking, but the owner of the ASP will not give up this piece of learning, shrinking does not mean that there is no, ASP in the rapid development of some advantages, and several major internet companies have ASP products in operation.

PHP as the highest share of the Internet language, attention is the Internet, the biggest advantage is open source and lightweight. Each webmaster must have the skills, and have to be flexible to use, how to learn I do not say, a bunch of great God out of the tutorial, video, learn not really no justice

Viii. C#/java

As the software industry now two big language, will be a very good door. Fans of the two camps also die every day. In fact, the introduction of C # Fast, Microsoft's. NET platform is very powerful, C # as a special language for. NET development is necessarily not weak, vs as the C # Preferred development tool Integrated database, environment, as well as code hints, rich plug-in library and debugging mechanism, the disadvantage is to learn deep is very difficult. Java Basic is the reverse, the introduction is very difficult, training a few months even the environment can not play out of a lot of people, but the ability to do is not weak, can stick down is not a person. Employment situation: C # Programmers are less than 1000 pieces of ocean, but C # is more scarce and better employed.

Ix. Mysql/mssql

Database website Standard is: php+mysql, but I contact many enterprises are using MSSQL, because to with OA, ERP, CRM and so on interoperability, so MySQL is must learn, MSSQL is elective. In fact, T-SQL syntax is very simple is four points: increase, delete, change, check, but learn cow, very very difficult, is all this skill inside the hardest, I know a lot of can be called Database Master, without exception are more than 10 years professional database experience.

X. Excel

A lot of people are going to laugh: Excel counts. Wrong!EXECL First is a lightweight database, I said several major practical uses: 1. Project management, we have tried a lot of tools to manage the project, free, charge, domestic and foreign, the final summary of the most practical, the best use is Excel 2. Website records, website data, logs, etc. must be recorded, This nature is the preferred 3. Data import carrier, many times to import data into the Web site, Excel as the previous data collation and import files, is absolutely the choice.

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