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2013 for a large number of personal owners, is very extraordinary one year, especially in the years after this period of time, Baidu algorithm, a succession of updates, the slightest do not give the webmaster any respite, even many of the webmaster now even life can not live. We do not say how the vicious Baidu, in fact, more times we should reflect on the Web site operation process, whether there is a violation of certain rules, whether the use of some of the methods of cheating? Just like many stationmaster originally is purely use some SEO method to perhaps rank, fundamentally did not care about user experience work, So how can you imagine such a site to a good future?

In fact, we too much to tangle search engine changes are completely unnecessary, because after all, our site is to the user to see, and search engine is only a user search platform, if we pay too much attention to SEO optimization and ignore the user experience, is it a bit put the cart before the horse? The answer is yes. And we from the year after this period of time Baidu crazy on some site down right, be k in fact can think of this is Baidu in give us webmaster mention a wake up, flood of SEO optimization era has passed, the site should be towards a healthy future to struggle, that is, the real field to provide users with the content, Truly focus on the user experience.

As we all know, whether our website or search engine, in fact, all have the same purpose, that is to provide users with the required services, then that is to say, as long as we can seize the hearts of users, so that users really love your site, our site in the future will certainly go to success, Another small series in these years to do the station also summed up three points, the following to share.

First, we all know search engine Baidu crawl our site is through a call "spider" Robot, and spiders through our website source to crawl our website information data. And for the search engine constantly update to improve what? In fact, or in order to enable spiders to have the same reading habits with users, so as to effectively determine whether the site is truly valuable, although spiders in this respect can not be true to the real match, But again and again we can develop spiders are more and more humane, just like my first is a collection of content, whether from the site page of the collection, or the ranking situation is very good, and in the year Eve when Baidu Update, the site ranking weight has been all ashes, Until the first to have not recovered, so we have to really do a good job user, standing in the user's perspective to maintain our website, then the spider will love our station.

Second, for a good or bad website, user behavior also occupies a large part of the role. Just like the search engine initially on the line, in fact, not many people use, but it can be really good with the user together, so today has grown into a major search engine brand. Therefore, the search engine from the initial period of time through some simple parameters of the site itself and the density of keywords in the site, outside the chain of how much to judge a site's good or bad, and now the algorithm has been upgraded to the site's IP, PV, users stay in the world, repeat customers to measure the quality of a site, so for an IP high, PV high , users and stay for a long time of the site, the search engine will naturally be very trusting of such a site, then the weight of the rankings will be a natural.

Third, we can never get to the search engine algorithm. Today's webmaster, no matter how many cattle station, he also dare not say he has thoroughly digested the search engine algorithm. And we do not have a good grasp of the search engine algorithm, because we all know that the algorithm is constantly updated, but also search engine company confidential, how can we know? So if we want to start from the algorithm, small weave advised you to give up soon, so you might as well go to easy to know the user's psychology, Be a favorite website for users. So even if your site in the search engine no rankings, there are users remember your site, so the site is not dead. There is also to please people far more than you go to please search engine easier.

Summary: In fact, from the update of the algorithm, believe that a lot of webmaster also understand the SEO technology in the increasingly fade, and those who really grasp the user's psychology, the intention to provide users with the required content of the site rankings, weights are soaring, so we have to learn from those who have useless SEO skills, but also more than the user exchanges, Understand the shortcomings of the site, thus correcting, to do a user favorite site, only in this way we can win the ultimate success. This article by the game name Net original handwriting, reprint please indicate the source, here expresses thanks!

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