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At this stage, we are talking about webmaster usually refers to the site optimization only this aspect, often visit the Webmaster forum owners know that the webmaster are talking about the most topic is the website promotion and website SEO. In fact, in the traditional sense, a person as long as the creation of a website, we think he is a webmaster. According to the current development of the Internet, webmaster This group is now increasingly diversified, also derived from the current direct performer, responsible for the overall development of the site: Professional webmaster responsible for each of the site's work details, such as the webmaster's special production, news updates, and the traditional sense of the webmaster is relegated to the background. Here today mainly according to their own understanding, share as SEO webmaster must have the basic quality.

1. Understand the Web site code and the production of Web pages

Webmaster here to understand just want us to understand, not complete mastery, because after all, we do not do website design, and not professional building station, as long as we have a general understanding on it. Specifically speaking, is the webmaster in getting a website, first of all to understand the overall structure of the site, then must understand the HTML language, as a qualified SEO webmaster, should understand the basic web production, which also requires webmaster at least understand the HTML language. In SEO work, HTML language as the construction language of the website, the optimization personnel is must skilled use, gets a website, first should understand is this website's internal structure, moreover, to the website or the article "H" the label, as well as the most important "title" and so on must fully understand, In order to effectively implement the future work.

2. Understand the structure of the site's internal links

The internal link structure of the site is the site webmaster often said the inner chain, the site's internal links are mainly used for the content of the site better link together. We can take webmaster Wikipedia wiki Knowledge base as an example, in fact it is a similar to Baidu Encyclopedia encyclopedia platform, with tens of thousands of entries, then how can we let them organically combined? This leads to the concept of internal links. Although the common site and the encyclopedia of the vast system of the site is still very different, but some of the posts in the article can be cleverly linked together, the relative chain does not have such a high weight of the chain, but after all, it will be the search engine count into the ranking algorithm. Internal links can effectively tell the crawler site there are those pages, more conducive to the search engine, the construction of the chain is conducive to improve the search engine's collection, promote the ranking of the site, average and transfer the weight between the pages, enhance user experience.

3. The analysis of the website keyword of the Society

Website keyword for a website SEO work is essential, the website keyword analysis mainly includes two aspects: one refers to according to the request engine to initiate the search requests the pattern science to determine the keyword the process, namely chooses conforms to own strength the keyword, does not choose the traffic low key word, But the keyword analysis function, that is, according to the selected time period, the major search engine keyword import flow and trend analysis, the system will update the data every minute. Keyword acquisition methods can also be found from some webmaster tools, such as Baidu and webmaster tools keyword analysis tools. When we get a certain keyword, the corresponding derivative words will be relatively rich, we can combine the actual situation of the king's groceries to do a specific analysis. In addition, keyword related words are also the focus of research objects, such as long tail keywords and so on.

4. Website external link Construction

External links, also known as "backlinks" or "Import links", refer to links to a site that other sites link to. This is also SEO webmaster every day to do the work, the role of external links is mainly reflected in search engine optimization, most of the search engines are very attached to the site's external links, it as the site of the "vote", the number of votes, the weight of the larger the vote, which means that the weight of the site is larger, The bigger the weight your site is more influential than the competitor's website. There are several main types of external links:

* Site Links: There are two ways to classify. One is real and the other is virtual. One is designed for viewers, and the other is designed for search engines.

* Links: Mainly with other sites or exchange links.

* Self-help Links: blogs, forums, information platforms, etc.

* Web directory: A variety of corporate Yellow pages, Web pages add directory

* Search results for search engines

* Reference Log

Outside the chain of construction way a lot of, mainly requires the webmaster have the patience to implement.

5. Full ownership of their own site

Although said SEO webmaster belong to a column, but most of them are said to be for someone else's website seo promotion optimization, so, want to be a truly qualified SEO webmaster, first of all to become a real sense of webmaster, this is an important way to improve their ability. Have a position of their own, every day constantly tending it, can more in-depth understanding of the "webmaster" contained in the content, grasp the entire network development of the context, closely follow the pace of the times.

Above is a personal knowledge of SEO webmaster, the article by original published, please respect the roots of the work of the owners of the fruit.

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