Asus Microsoft launches first server for small and medium enterprises

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"Tenkine Server channel February 17 News" Recently, ASUS and Microsoft China jointly launched a version of the original Windows Server R2 operating system Ts100-e8 server, designed to help small and medium-sized growth enterprises to build an excellent information platform.

ASUS server always adhere to the "quality pioneer, unmatched" concept, to provide users with superior products and services, Asusts100-e8 is a classic for 50 of the following small and medium-sized growth Enterprise products, friendly institutional design, enhanced network fault tolerance, is the first choice for SMEs information Infrastructure Platform, Widely used in four areas: messaging applications, Web and application servers, file and print services, and financial systems.

Microsoft Business Cloud Optimization

The biggest feature of Asus Ts100-e8 is its genuine Windows Server 2012R2 operating system, a unified management infrastructure, application systems, data platforms--cloud OS, and customer data centers to address the rapid changes that are taking place in the IT sector. 、 Service provider Data Center, and Microsoft public Cloud 。

Efficient performance

For small and medium sized enterprises, ASUSTS100-E8 offers the solution to both the performance and the cost. This highly scalable server supports the latest intel® xeon® ®E3-1200V3 series processors to deliver reliable performance at an affordable price.

Simple and easy to use

ASUS Ts100-e8 provides a Quick Install wizard that simplifies the complexity of the server at first deployment. At the same time, with the machine-free maintenance design, effectively improve the server after the deployment of ease of maintenance, improve the downtime to maintain the time required.

ASUS Green Technology

ASUS Ts100-e8 is a power source with high efficiency in power utilization through the plus gold certification. Smart Fan Intelligent fan technology is precisely through the embedded in the server board temperature sensors, reasonable adjustment of the machine internal fan speed, in ensuring the server's internal key components in a stable working state, the operating noise is strictly controlled within 30 db, You will not receive noise interference in a quiet office environment.

Product Specification:

Asus TS100-E7/PI4 (core I3-2120/2GB/500GB) Product Information Quote Picture Evaluation product model: Tower CPU Type: Intel Core i3 standard memory capacity: 2GB hard Drive Type: SATA standard hard drive capacity: 500GBCPU Model: Core i3-2120 View more Parameters >> View more Products >> (author: Server Channel News Group Editor: Li Pong)
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