At present, the basic business of making money is to do foreign trade electricity business

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Keywords Very the foreign trade electricity business is the electronic commerce

Recently many friends have asked me a common question, why the domestic company does not have the foreign trade to make good? This really pours out the current situation of E-commerce, making money of the electric business is basically doing foreign trade.

For what? It is easy to understand the key links of e-commerce in our careful analysis.

First, the domestic flow to obtain high cost.

One of the first questions of a stand-alone business-to-consumer is how to get traffic, and the cost of this piece directly determines your profit. At present, there are a number of ways to obtain traffic on the Internet, search, major network media advertising, Community marketing, forum Marketing, EDM, website Alliance and so on, and search traffic is the basis of all traffic is the first choice.

But the world than Baidu more rogue search engine, to obtain traffic from Baidu High cost, it is the natural search results to the left of the first page is the basic charge, and with the competition white-hot, single click Price has been far higher than its own value. And Google is different, its natural search results on the left is not charged, he is exactly according to Google's keyword sorting rules, so as to give a chance to foreign trade, he can through the technology of SEO to do the corresponding keywords Google search results before, thus bringing a lot of traffic, And the cost is almost negligible relative to Baidu, this is why do the foreign trade, a lot of people are optimized before the start is very simple, to find the source, General 2, 3 months can be done to the keyword, sales naturally have, that is to do the foreign trade of the electricity business can almost do to start to make money.

Second, the order conversion rate. Europe and the United States of the network shopping environment mature, take a simple example, especially to do Taobao, consumers in the purchase, there are always many problems, to the end is not necessarily buy, most of the European and American customers are always popping online customer service very disgusted, the next single basic do not ask what the problem, see the right to buy.

Therefore, the foreign trade electricity Business order conversion rate is high, this direct decision foreign trade the order cost is lower than the domestic.

Third, product and price advantage. China is already the world's manufacturing plant, which is the advantage of China's foreign trade, products are easy to find, although some of the price is higher than domestic, but compared with the local prices of foreign products still have a lot of competitive advantage, such as blue Pavilion Wedding gown, a general in 200 to 300 U.S. dollars, in the United States is equivalent to rent a piece of price, Buying one takes at least thousands, which is too tempting for local customers.

Four, the European and American customers pay attention to credibility.

As long as the product quality is not a problem, general returns rarely, and in the domestic return rate remains high, some as high as 30%, this piece of the cost of the final need to hit the product cost, to the original low profit of the electricity business is worse.

There is no payment for goods abroad.

The only countries in the world that are in the service of C.O.D. are China and Japan, this is also regarded as one of the pioneering works of China's electrical business, in the electrical business environment is not fully up, the delivery of goods directly to the online shopping, I have experienced, if the cancellation of goods to pay, direct loss of more than 80% of the order, the delivery of goods to consumers is a good thing , but for the merchant means more returns, because there is no payment, consumers in the shopping time appears more casual, a little dissatisfied with the return but the enterprise must also pay round-trip logistics costs. At the same time, the delivery of goods means that the merchant needs to be in the shortest half month after the delivery of one months from the logistics company to the paragraph, I know more outrageous EMS remote areas, sometimes the knot needs more than 1 years. This is a big problem for domestic business-to-consumer.

But the foreign trade electricity business does not exist this said, all orders are first payment, after delivery, mainly using PayPal (domestic call PayPal), credit card payment, offline payment is mainly Western Union.

So where is the outlet for the domestic electricity business? For traditional enterprises, my proposal is to do the whole channel marketing, in the major platform open shop, can not open the direct supply of stores, so that we directly save the flow of the promotion costs, and other channels spread out, the election flow platform to support all the shops in place to focus on operations, starting from a point of breakthrough. followed by social marketing, precision Marketing, Word-of-mouth marketing and online combination of the mode as the main way of promotion, I personally believe that the future of social marketing will become a very important form, millet mobile phone is a classic case. Overall speaking, the future who can win the trust of customers, who can better interact with customers, who can let your customers more in-depth understanding of your products and enterprises, and even involved in your product design, development phase, who is the last winner.

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