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November 8, 2014, Guangzhou--2014 China High Performance Computing Symposium, held in Guangzhou, to review the achievements of China's High-performance computing technology, application development and talent Training 2014, today is the last day of the agenda, Intel also announced at the meeting that the "2014 National Parallel Application Challenge", sponsored by the China Computer Society High Performance Computing Professional Committee (CCF TCHPC), which is committed to promoting the future of China's high-performance computing software, has ended the intense final schedule. From China University of Science and Technology, Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other well-known domestic universities and research institutions and 8 teams into the parallel optimization of the final competition, and 6 to enter the best application finals of the team who can get the final laurel, the answer will be announced today.

The National Parallel Application Challenge, hosted by the China Computer Society's High Performance Computing Professional Committee, sponsored by the United Intel (China) Limited, was launched in 2013 as the largest annual parallel application competition for education and scientific research in the high-performance computing industry. It aims to improve the performance of parallel order through competition, promote the parallel application of academic exchange and development, develop and train more excellent high performance parallel application technology talents, and then integrate the outstanding parallel optimization technology and application ability in the academic field into the practical application of the enterprise to help push the creation of China.

As a joint sponsor, Intel Corporation's core support for the National Parallel Application Challenge is to provide a hardware platform based on Xeon processor and Xeon nuclear coprocessor as a development and optimization platform for parallel applications in competitions, as well as parallel development and optimization tools for the platform, relevant basic training courses and all-round technical support.

Global business Development Director, Intel Corporation Technology Computing, Nash Palaniswamy

"We chose Intel as a joint sponsor because it provides the industry-leading hardware platform to provide full performance support and development and optimize the potential for large-scale parallel application loads in High-performance computing," said Zhang, a professional committee for High-performance Computing at the Chinese Computer Society: " Based on such a platform to carry out competitions, will allow the team to have more access to high-performance computing areas of cutting-edge hardware technology, understand, master and fully explore its performance potential, so as to improve high-performance computing software development and optimization to keep pace with the current situation of hardware development, to the game to promote learning, to promote the use of learning, Finally accelerate the domestic high-performance computing software talent Training, advanced scientific research output and transformation efficiency of the target. ”

"In the course of this competition, we have a sense of the intention of the organizers," said Professor An Hong, director of the computer department structure at China University of Science and Technology, who led the Chinese University of Science and Technology team into the final, "leading software development and optimization efforts must be based on leading hardware products and technologies, The hardware platform which takes into account the existing programming model and the parallel performance optimization space to shorten the development gap between high-performance computing software and hardware, it can reduce the burden of our students in learning development, optimizing knowledge and skills, and devote more time and energy to the innovation of application itself. ”

"It is our pleasure to have the competition platform available to the participating teams," said Nash Palaniswamy, Global business development director at Intel's Technology Computing division, "Intel has been committed to developing more sophisticated talent in high-performance computing applications around the world, To this end, we have cooperated with many universities in China a few years ago, offering courses on parallel application development and optimization for multi-core platforms, and sharing relevant technology and course materials with them at the first time of the release of the xeon® processor. We look forward to a more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with the education, academia and industry in the field of computing, storage, interconnection and software development in the future with China's high performance computing, educational, academic and industrial sectors. ”

As a key step towards this expectation, Intel Corporation is working together to share its innovative results and insights into future high-performance computing trends faster with Chinese partners and users--nash Palaniswamy at this year's High performance Computing conference, the Intel processor , coprocessor, high-speed Internet products and solid state disk as the core of the complete portfolio of High-performance computing products and hardware platform, as well as with the parallel file system and software tuning tool advantages, and focus on the upcoming release, can output up to 3TFLOPs (double precision floating-point calculation) performance, A new generation of Xeon-fused nuclear processors (code-named Knights Landing), which further enhances the efficiency of parallel load processing, and an innovative interconnect technology for Intel Omni-path fabric that is expected to break the efficiency of high-performance computing platforms, with higher bandwidth and lower latency advantages; Also in a more active contact with the domestic research and development of high-performance computing, to promote the application of the latest technology platform to develop and optimize the work--Intel has been in collaboration with dozens of universities and scientific institutions abroad, for the development and optimization of the Xeon nuclear core applications, This collaborative innovation model, which helps bridge the gap between hardware and software development, will soon be extended to Chinese universities and research institutions.

Global business Development Director, Intel Corporation Technology Computing, Nash Palaniswamy

Intel's above innovations, benefiting from good ecosystem support and user innovation relays, have been widely recognized and favored by China's High-performance computing users, with a total of 90% in the 2014 China High Performance Computer 100 (TOP100) list announced today. The listing system incorporates products and technologies from Intel architecture, of these, 3 systems also employ Xeon processors and Xeon-Fusion processors (2 sets last year), and these 3 systems provide linpack performance values in the Linpack performance value of all system outputs this year TOP100 More than 52.84%.

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