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Tencent 2011 Games Carnival, "battle Ares" released two spirit of the demo video, let us sneak peek. "Fighting God of War" is an independent research and development of Tencent game 3D MMORPG. At present, the game opens 3 professions, they are "rogue", "God Monkey", "Magic" respectively.  Game West Tour story for the big background blueprint, re-architecture of the Oriental myths and legends for the system, the main story of the West after the youth heroes in pursuit of ideals and seek the truth in the course of the journey to challenge many difficulties as a clue to the spirit of yearning for freedom as the theme, reinterpretation and interpretation of the West Tour as the representative of the Oriental Mythology Classic Bundle Fairy Rope [page] Zijin gourd from the current public information, "Fighting God of war" is an emphasis on fighting and culture two parts of the game. (Edit salsa)
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