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Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] Disney's new tour, "Toy Story: Smash Plan," released friends who are familiar with Disney should all see the animated toys. Today, Disney released a Game "Toy Story: Smash plan Toy Story:smash It!", which is adapted from the animated Toy Story. Game play similar to Angry Birds, players control familiar characters throwing pinball destroy the front of the building blocks, simple to start. The game is currently priced at 6 yuan in the app Store. [Product Information] "troublemaker pig" to increase the level of stealing eggs to God do not know the birds do not feel Rovio before the promise of the update finally came ~ ~ Today's latest version finally on the shelves, "Troublemaker pig" update and add new checkpoints. In this massive update, 30 additional night flight [Flight in the Night] checkpoint, as well as 6 road killers [M.I. hogs] chronograph checkpoints and 6 new achievements await your challenge. [iOS review] the best daily limit for app-free evaluation: "Love doesn't Love Me" not "strange composition, abstract painting style, MIDI music, special play ... Do you think this is a Grand healing game? NoNoNo, this is a super high shooting game Oh ~ game will be accompanied by the music and very simple practical tutorial, the gravitational induction of the left and right sway, with the finger to move the petals can be fired, if aphids eat to bud game will be accepted. Several rounds of tutorials down, we've all learned the basics. ~[ios Hot Recommendations] New Year's target app making annual plans in the past year, someone with a mobile phone to lose weight 20 kg, someone with a mobile phone admitted to graduate students, and some people use mobile phone deposit hundreds of thousands of, as well as the use of mobile phone to plan their wedding, etc. What do they have in their mobile phones? Would you like them to plan for your goals? Are you ready for the New year? With your iphone to help you, you can, like them, to achieve their new goals, the new plan! [Android review] leisure games to kill time "political cutting" evaluation recently, the small series has come into contact with a suitable time to kill the game-"political cutting" (Politician:the Game). At first glance this game name seems very serious, but in fact this game is a vintage style gold coin collection game. In the game you have to manipulate a politician and keep on marking the money, so the name is "political cutting". The basic rules of the game are very simple, you just need to keep your fingers on the screen circle collection of gold coins can be. Gold coins will continue to produce, you must ensure that the number of coins on the screen is always less than 500, otherwise the game will fail. [iOS ReviewP Map Artifact iphone version photoshop evaluation as a processing picture software, desktop version of Photoshop is basically no dispute of the artifact, many friends see beauty, beauty and so on when the picture, the first reaction is this picture is not a p. And this so-called p is Photoshop. Today, Adobe has officially released the iphone version of Photoshop (which is much more powerful than the current Photoshop Express in the store) and has been on shelves in the US area of the App Store for $4.99. [Android Top recommendation] Android platform February New Game summary this month due to the existence of the Spring Festival holiday, give people feel the past very quickly. But there's a lot of new games on the Android platform, especially after the return of a lot of new and interesting games, such as "Color sheep", "Towel battle 2" and "zombie minesweeper" and so on, but not much of the masterpiece, in addition to a "Arron: Sword Shadow" and Transplant Game "evil Planet" There was hardly anything else outside. Well, not much nonsense, the following will be the February Android platform for several exciting games one by one presented to everyone. [iphone Limited free] February 28 iphone limited free app recommended Trench bunker "Trench II" crossed puzzle game "assault Spy sheep" your personal assistant "Love Reminder" casual adventure game "Galaxy Impact" revolver "Come on" [ipad free] February 28 ipad free app recommended easy puzzle game "Donut Wars" leisure action game "zombie dilemma" casual Shooting game "machine A warrior"
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