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Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] This summer hot Hand Tour "Monarch 2" App store online to ask this summer's hottest mobile phone game is which paragraph, it must be not "King 2" mo. As an Android platform-renowned mobile game, today finally landed in the app store to meet with Apple users. "King 2" to the Super Exquisite game screen, super unique game play quickly occupy the player's mobile screen, the iphone player is not backward, the app store immediately rushed into the top 3 free list. The game's most popular player is undoubtedly the soul-sucking play. In the face of all kinds of ferocious monsters, players can try to suck their souls, the essence of their soul into their own skills to use, this skill is not only strong, in the game is also the first case! [Product Information] "Bad piggies trouble Pig" Update 15 new levels Green pig reverse attack "bad piggies pig" game in the previous days to update, in the update of the game to join the new level and new game props, as well as the addition of the recording function. Sun-Tanned pig's butt! This is a beautiful morning, but the trouble pig does not care about these, there is only one thing in mind: food! Use two new props to search for hidden chocolate cakes in 15 new hurdles! Green pig reverse attack "bad piggies" game in the last few days to update the game in the update to add new levels and new game props, as well as the addition of the recording function. Sun-Tanned pig's butt! This is a beautiful morning, but the trouble pig does not care about these, there is only one thing in mind: food! Use two new props to search for hidden chocolate cakes in 15 new hurdles! [iOS Raiders] similar to the extremely difficult game "the death of Stupid" graphics and text of the Stupid of death (Dumb ways To Die) is released last week, a new tour of the public good, is Melbourne in Australia to promote railway safety and produced a public service advertisement, To remind everyone: there is no more stupid way to die than to die without paying attention to safety around the train. Because there are 979 people falling in orbit in a year. In addition, "Stupid's death law" This public service song is also very good to hear, and video in the release of the 24 hours that soared to the top 10 itunes list, the 3-minute MV, the music is very small and fresh, the lyrics are very violent, the picture is heavy taste, Meng to a face of blood! A friend who likes this song can find and download it by searching for the stupid Death Act. [Android evaluation] support for networked PVP "Dark Avenger" novice raiders from the Gameloft Dungeon Hunter series is the mobile platform action role playing game (ARPG) Classic, ARPG game both RPG game to play the blame upgrade, brush equipment fun, there are action games tense stimulationSense of operation, so very popular with the player. However, excessive performance requirements and excessive volume of the game will be many handheld low-end equipment players shut out. Recently from Gamevil is also a 3D screen ARPG game "Dark Avenger" released, although it is a lightweight game but also wonderful. [iOS introduction] "My name is Mt Online" new version of Pumpkin Farm three models suicide strategy "My name is Mt Online" 2.5.0 version update, for the new "pumpkin Farm" in the end to suicide, how many flowers can not commit suicide and other issues have been puzzling the player, today small series on the general, Elite and Hero three types of pumpkin after talking about their ideas and how to suicide success strategy. As we all know, pumpkin farms are the best place to get experience cards. Each farm has only two copies of the opportunity, so the 6 times a day is very valuable, only the limited opportunity to get the most experience card is not in vain to spend so much energy (6 times total energy consumption of 190 ...). )。 [Android Hot recommendation] Do you feel tired after the next chef treats your Android gourmet app for a day of work? Since the day has been busy, then the dinner must not treat themselves! The next kitchen, a big dinner for yourself, is the perfect choice to reward yourself. What about cooking? Look for inspiration from the many gourmet apps on the Android platform. [Player Book] iphone running too slow? Small series to teach you how to speed up the operation of the mobile phone recently small make up feel that their own iPhone4 run started not very smooth, not only slow but also often card. So small make up to mobile phone set up to find some, found that their own download the application a bit more, and photos are more and more accumulated and so on. Although using a year's mobile phone is not compared with the new phone, but also not to use the card and slow, so friends need to find some reason from their mobile phone. Today, Xiao-bian told friends how to clean up the phone in the memory of the software, data. [iphone limited to free] May 13 iphone limited free app recommended exquisite interactive game "The Adventures of the Pig" Round RPG Hand Tour "Dou Tang" shorthand software "shorthand box" casual puzzle game "real puzzle" photography software "Halo lens" [ipad limited to free] May 13 ipad free app recommended Kang game "Monkey and Banana" arcade shooting game "Neon War HD" Flight adventure game "Space Legends"
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