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In the information explosion today, who can cause people to the topic of lasting attention, who is the winner. "Help Feng on the headlines" not only for Feng brought other popular events difficult to bring the vast exposure, but also make it a bowl full. Even the other network Big V, the Internet media also to join in the fun, but also to increase their brand economy.

September 13, Feng released a thousands of words and pictures of the divorce speech, the moment was Yapeng by Faye Wong's divorce news drowned; November 9, Feng in the concert to Zhang Ziyi affectionate vindicate, did not expect to be Heng Grand Championship news rushed to see; November 13, Wu Liu Poems, Yang Jacky, such as more to the entertainment Circle Couples Group-style public love or marriage, so that could have a new song on the topic of the headlines Feng once again fell empty.

Netizens jokingly, the stylistic circle formed a "Don't Let Feng on the headline" Avengers Alliance, let repeatedly burst the topic of Feng always on the topic of the headlines. This caused the user's inequality, and they tried every means to help feng the headlines.

The hands of the hand, the enthusiastic participation of netizens and spit groove, girlfriend Zhang Ziyi in Feng issued a new single soon after the initiative to forward its microblog, for its pep: "All these dross will die, only your concert to stay in the heart of the world!" Come on! My Music king! "

Then, "Not on the headlines," "To help Feng on the headlines," Zhang Ziyi Feng on the headlines, and other related topics in the micro-blog continued to fever, have boarded the microblog hot topic. Feng's single "Born Wandering" has also become a micro-blog topic 24-hour list of TOP1, and eventually made the headlines.

This seemingly hilarious online carnival is proof of the existence of the attention economy. Amathiassen Economics prize winner Chen Yun said: "In the next 30 years who grasps the attention, who will master the future wealth." "In today's information explosion, who can cause people to have a lasting focus on the topic, who is the winner." Attention can be transmitted, the exchange between the audience will trigger the topic of continuous fermentation and warming, resulting in the topic of continued popularity. To the event parties, through the media and the audience, attention this invisible value resources can be translated into direct economic value.

"Help Feng on the headlines" not only for Feng brought other popular events difficult to bring the vast exposure, but also make it a bowl full. Even the other network Big V, the Internet media also to join in the fun, but also to increase their brand economy.

First of all, from the source of the Feng network incident Sina Weibo, the micro-index can see the participation of netizens on November 13 with an abnormal outbreak, the search index reached 1.41 million times.

Tianya gossip Moderator "I really is too CJ", micro-bo Red "gifted Little Panda", well-known anime fan author "apostle Son" of "Love Dearly Feng" series of comics have won tens of thousands of forward respectively.

This netizen spontaneous organization participates in the Feng Network topic, finally expands for the official with the public Huan, Sina Weibo celebrity service official account also participates in teases Feng the topic which the headline:

As of 14th 2 o'clock in the morning, Feng song first micro-Bo forwarding more than 90,000, song audition volume Breakthrough 1 million, a total of 28,183 netizens to the topic of praise, there are a hundred thousand of netizens directly participate in the statement.

This is a much more pleasing news than the headlines for the Feng of the new album.

Again from Baidu Index Netizen can see clearly, in the last three months, Feng's attention degree all maintains in the low-key smooth, September 13 broke out the divorce news to rise a bit, then quickly fell back. To the concert to vindicate to 13th these days, the attention of the soaring, high.

From the Internet to the media, Feng's headline fire spread to the big newspapers. On the morning of 14th, newspapers and cultural headlines published Feng headlines, making Feng a real hit on the headlines.

Before the Netizen "sympathy" Feng Shanghai concert Advertising headline was robbed, in fact, the Feng concert was not affected by its negative, but the field is red, tickets out. Even the site is known as "singer Waterloo," said Chengdu Sports Center, Feng concert box office broke its box-office record. According to the reporter investigation, the box office hit the time just right after "Wangzhang" burst out of love. Watercress things will also Feng albums listed in the Hot topic push.

The topic of Feng's headlines continues to heat up, and other related topics such as "helping the top of the page in Benin" and "helping to make the headlines" are also on top of Twitter's top-rated topics. Even today's announcement of the Zhang, its micro-blog in addition to the newly-married blessing of the commentary, more is "you come late" such ridicule discourse.

When it comes to the stars who don't win the headlines, they're not Feng. Why the Feng topic will cause such a big spree? It is due to the enthusiastic participation of netizens.

1, divorce, advertising hot topic actress, get card false news, new song release, each news plus Feng visibility, are enough to occupy the page headlines, but Pianqiao each time "just" by other topics diluted. Rather than Feng "bad luck", it's better to say that Feng's news is predictable. The frequent bursts of heavyweight news may have made one or two headlines, often missing headlines, but have Feng a lasting headline.

2, frequent Feng, every time the "painstaking", so that netizens seem to see an effort to win the headlines but not the image. This image, with the popularity of the network of cock Silk reversed goddess and must not have the same, "Help Feng on the headline" success aroused netizens resonance.

3, to help Feng on the headlines this topic is not 13th just started brewing, as early as Faye Wong Yapeng broke the divorce news, there are people in the micro-blog called "Love Dearly" Feng, and Evergrande won the championship that night, but also someone noticed the Feng vindicate event, to ridicule. It is because of the foreshadowing and brewing before, in the 13th more to the star when the love of the Feng topic of the outbreak.

4, star Bright, and to rely on their own to board the Hot Topic list, for the vast number of netizens, is a disguised incentive. He is no longer a celebrity fan, but a part of the exposure to stardom.

5, with Feng each topic collision, is the entertainment circle big news, ridicule Feng at the same time, can stop to ridicule other news "Crash" star. "Four elder brother" Wu and "if Xi" Liu poem "Step by Step Surprise", Yang and Jacky, "Huafei Empress" Shanxin and "ten elder brother" Ye Zunu, "Tianya gossip four Beautiful" one of the Choshenyu, Zhang Ziyi's predecessor in Benin, and Feng looks similar bai, these stars themselves are gossip headlines hot topic characters, You can interact with these stars through the Feng. On the other hand, by Feng headlines, Feng has shifted the attention of netizens to the stars.

6, "Help Feng on the front page" This behavior is full of entertainment and fun, at the same time, its participation cost is very low, just tweet forward or statement. For this only "hand-slip" can be accomplished things, users naturally happy to participate.

In summary, previously said Sina Weibo netizen activity decline, perhaps should be categorized in no suitable topic to stimulate the large-scale participation of netizens, so that the attention of netizens transferred elsewhere. And through the Feng Network topic gradual escalation, we also saw the attention economy great value, this is a good reference opportunity for the friend who engages in the socialization marketing.

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