Big Data age is not a big data age for Internet companies

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Security is the biggest problem in the big data age. If there is no security, user data, user information, and so on, is to hurt users at any time "bomb"

In recent times, every day there are internet vulnerabilities, backdoor, user information leaked news. Even if the phone is lost, the message that the bundled bank card password will be deciphered is also popular.

The future of such news will be more, because the internet Big Data era curtain has been opened.

Big data, is a hot word in the Internet field this year, the other two hot words that keep pace with it are internet finance, Internet thinking respectively. Among them, internet thinking is related to enterprise transformation, the Internet Finance Challenge is the arrogance of traditional banks, but the most closely related to the user experience is the application of large data.

As the advent of the internet's big Data age, all the data and information will be stored in the cloud. At the same time, mobile Internet or mobile internet, especially things networking, car networking, including wearable equipment, a variety of intelligent hardware, will have a more real-time than the PC Internet, a broader range of data acquisition capabilities. A lot of data will be picked up by the manufacturer, which makes everyone transparent.

A scene of this era is that if a consumer enters the E-commerce area to buy goods, once landed, consumers will appear in front of a series of products based on past consumption records, these products have been carefully designed algorithms and data selection, in order to meet user consumption psychology and habits.

Such technology applications, so that users who are enthusiastic about the Internet at the same time, but also bring some hidden worries, their privacy is gradually controlled by the Internet and peep.

The most impressive of the singularity looming is the emergence of nano-robots. The nano-robot in the book is small enough to replicate itself into the human body, making everyone a half man and a half machine. As with any technological progress there are two sides, if nano-robots do not obey? Just as humans have created a germ, how can humans respond once the germs are dispersed?

The story in this book is similar to the two sides of big data.

Internet analyst Xingdong that the mobile Internet, or mobile internet, only shows a more real-time and broader data acquisition capability than the PC Internet. The size of the resulting data, as well as the analysis of each user's understanding through the data, makes the user have no escape.

Today, smart hardware, car networking, the Internet of things has just begun, in the next two or three years, this device may be far more than the number of mobile phones, PCs, tablets, the data may be uploaded every day hundreds of times times, a lot of smart devices work all the time, anytime and anywhere to connect the network. In such a large data age, users become extremely transparent, there is no way to choose, unless we reject civilized life.

"With the smartphone, the phone has become your wallet, the phone has too many personal things, once lost the phone will be a lot of problems." Recently we also identified a black industry chain, is dedicated to the collection of old mobile phones, you think you have to empty the data on the phone, but others can be the data in your phone to recover. Large data age your account, or even more information, may be restored. Everyone becomes transparent and without secrets. "Zhou thinks.

So one of the biggest problems with the big data age is security. If there is no security, these user data, user information is at any time in turn to harm the user's "bomb".

Based on this situation, it must be clear that the user information is the user's personal assets, not the company's. Users must have the right to know, must authorize manufacturers to use, that is, users have the right to choose, I can refuse you to provide services. There must be no abuse of data beyond the user's license, and for the company, the user data stored on the server is encrypted to secure storage and secure transmission. Otherwise, if an Internet company's servers are compromised, hackers can get a lot of personal data, which could have disastrous results.

This is the recent Internet people put forward the user information security three principle: User information is personal assets, user information and the company equal exchange, the company must protect the user information security.

To do this three-point principle, the need for major internet companies to abandon bias, abandon throw, the user information security in the first place. So we can say that the big data era is really coming, the big data age is not the internet company's Big Data era.

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