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Pjblog is one of the most powerful and best blogging programs I've tried at the moment, but none of the programs are tailored for you, like Windows, and you have to do a lot of configuration work after you install it, Pjblog. The contents of this article for my site in the process of personal encounter problems or other fans ask more, those who click a few mouse can find the settings will not mention.

01. Change the default cookie,application domain


a server if there are more than one cookie domain of the same pjblog, then these bolg will not work, the expression is the content of mutual interference, modify the method: Open the blog root directory under the "const.asp", modify 15, 16 line const Cookiename= the value of "" and "Const cookienamesetting=".

02. Change the database suffix name to eliminate error prompts for database connection errors


individual space does not support Access databases with ". asp" as the suffix name, "Database connection error occurred, please check the connection string!" Error tip, modify the method: first the database file in the Blogdb directory from *.asp to *.mdb, and then change the "const.asp" line 37th "Const Accessfile" database path and file name.

03.1. Modify the verification code so that it will always only appear four "0"


in the personal blog to use the verification code does not make sense, pjblog background and did not turn off the verification code options, so the best way is to let it show only the simplest symbols, the site to the verification code to 4 "0":

Find common\getcode.asp, modify the "Dim I, II, III" section below:

Const codds = 0 ' does not appear miscellaneous points

Const camount = 1 ' takes a symbol, the default is 0

Const ccode = "0123456789" ' this line can not be changed

03.2. So that the system automatically fill in the Verification Code (again complex verification Code also need not manual input, hehe (09.27)


a new "*.asp" file in the blog root and fill in the following code:

<script>if (parent.document.all.validate) parent.document.all.validate.value= "<%=session" ("GetCode") %> ";</script>

then inserts a sentence at the top of footer.asp:

<iframe frameborder= "No" height=0 width=0 src= "*.asp" ></iframe>

04. Modify the entry name of the sidebar "user panel" in common/library.asp


The default item name in the sidebar user panel is long and short, look very beautiful, modify the contents of the Library.asp 83rd line, the site to change them to four words, that is, "System Management" "Publish Log" "Edit Draft" "Modify Information" "Exit the System."

05. Modify the time of construction station


in the Background "Setup module" to find the module identified as "Bloginfo" module, click on the following "Edit HTML source code" to modify;

In addition, sidebar statistics in the message is not linked to the default, where you can also edit the link plus, the whole sentence code into

Program Code

message: <a href= "Loadmod.asp?plugins=guestbookforpjblog" ><b> $blog _messagenums$</b> </a> <br/>

06. Add the bulletin board or webmaster Information Bar to the upper side of the sidebar


into the background "interface and Plug-ins"-"Set up the module", in the bottom of the page a new "side module", the module identifies any, the name is "bulletin board" or "Webmaster files", attention to sorting to set the minimum, click "Save module." After the save click on the "Edit HTML source code", if it is used as a static bulletin board, then write directly to the inside of the line. If it is used as a Webmaster information column, you can add photos to the inside, to illustrate what, you can follow the following code:

Program Code

<div style= "PADDING-RIGHT:4PX; padding-left:4px; padding-bottom:4px; padding-top:4px; Text-align:left ">

<a href= "Click the link address after clicking the picture" target= "_blank" ><img border= "0" alt= "XHTML 1.0 Transitional" src= "the image address of webmaster information"/> </a>


07. Add a scrolling bulletin board or advertising board above the body of the log (10.30)


into the background "interface and plug-in-settings module", a new "content module" at the bottom of the page, module identification and name arbitrary, attention to sorting than "ContentList" small, click "Save Module". After saving, click "Edit HTML source code" below, and fill in the following code:

Program Code

<div style= "Clear:none; Border-right: #dbdbd0 1px solid; Border-top: #dbdbd0 1px solid; BACKGROUND: #FFFFFF; margin:4px; Border-left: #dbdbd0 1px solid; width:98%; Border-bottom: #dbdbd0 1px solid; height:15px ">

<div style= "Padding-right:3px;display:block; padding-left:5px; Float:left; COLOR: #FF0000; padding-top:5px "> Bulletin </div>

<div style= "margin:3px" ><marquee onmouseover= "This.stop ()" onmouseout= "This.start ()" Scrollamount= "2" scrolldelay= "1" direction= "left" height= ">

<font color= "#000000" ><b>[life, I pursue low-key]</b></font>

<font color= "#0000FF" >∴</font><font color= "#FF0000" > only this station is dedicated to my friends and people who wish to know more about me </font> <font color= "#0000FF" >∴</font>

<font color= "maroon" ><b> Disclaimer: </b></font><font color= "#0000FF" > This blog is used as a personal diary, May be involved in some privacy, if there is an injury to your reading, for your health, please turn off the computer to go around, thank you! </font>


Where the width:98% is the width, the height:15px is the height (the height is displayed for one line of text), scrollamount= "3" is the scrolling speed, and direction= "left" is the scrolling direction (left-to-right).

08. Add album features, hand-Added albums homepage link


a few days ago found a lot of flash albums, in addition to the interface of the United States, it seems not easy to use, I still hope that the present in the album to improve.

09. After editing the journal, the words "[when this log is edited by xxx]" appear at the bottom of the article (10.28)


Edit the Blogedit.asp file, locate and delete the following code

Program Code

If Weblog ("Log_isdraft") =false then Weblog ("log_modify") = "[This log is from &memName& to" &datetostr (now), " Y-m-d h:i A ") &" edit "

X1. Online music player Modification Guide


This station uses the player is Aboutplayer (Random edition), Compared to other similar software, the main advantages are as follows: A. You can add playback local files; b. On the same page, you can view playlists and selections; c. A file that encounters a link failure is automatically retried 3 times, and if the judgment does fail, the other tracks will be automatically played (the main advantage).

01. Unzip the player to the "Music" directory and place it in the root directory of your site;

02. Create a new "index.htm" file in your blog directory and add the following frame code:

Program Code



<meta http-equiv= "Content-type content=" HTML; charset=gb2312 ">

<title>╃ Backward Pioneer # Barroth ╉ Music edition </title>


<frameset rows= "*,22" frameborder= "NO" border= "0" framespacing= "0" >

<frame src= "/pjblog/default.asp (note: The address of the blog's first page)" Name= "MainFrame" scrolling= "yes" >

<frame src= "/music/selectindex.htm (note: Music player address)" Name= "BottomFrame" scrolling= "NO" noresize>




above "*,22" means that the blog main page is above, the music player is below, and the player's height is 22 pixels;

03. Increase the ability to turn off the player in the viewer. Add the following code to the front page of the player:

<a href= "http://your blog first page (such as index.asp)" target= "_top" > Turn off player </a>

04. The playlist is: Music/js/data.js, with instructions in the file.

X2. Set up automatic jump page


Sometimes the site program is not placed in the space root directory, this time need a jump from the root directory to the subdirectory of the file, the following code into the index.htm or index.asp placed in the site root directory can:

Program Code



<meta http-equiv= "content-language" content= "zh" >

<meta http-equiv= "Content-type content=" HTML; charset=gb2312 ">




<meta http-equiv= "Refresh" content= "0.1;url=pjblog/index.htm (modified as appropriate)" >



X3. Add four color mouse style to each skin


01. Copy the four-color mouse pointer to the "Images" directory,

02. Modify the Global.css in each skin folder and add a line to the body segment "Cursor:url ('./images/blue.cur ');"

03. Modify the Link.css in each skin folder to add the mouse pointer style to A:link, a:visited, and a:active respectively;


X4. Log Browsing "Previous | Next "This good can be changed to directly display the title of the next post

the 116th and 121 lines of the cls_article.asp file under Class.

Program Code

Response.Write ("| <a href= "" "Id=" &prelog ("log_id") & "" title= "" Previous log "" Accesskey= "", "><img border=" "0" "src=" " Images/cprevious.gif "" alt= "" ""/> "&prelog (" Log_title ") &" </a> ")

Program Code

Response.Write ("| <a href= ""? Id= &nextlog ("log_id") & "" title= "" Next Log "" Accesskey= "". "" ><img border= "0" "src=" "Images/cnext.gif" "alt=" ""/> "&nextlog (" Log_title ") &" </a> ")


X5. Added a web-picking function or ad code to the blog


Add Method:

Open the article.asp file in the template directory to find target= _blank >< $trackback $></a&gt, add the following code after it, and then regenerate the log in the background after you add it.



<!--add Net-->


<img src= "Images/quote.gif" style= "margin:0px 2px-4px 0px" alt= ""/><strong> collection to net pick: </strong><a Href= "Javascript:d=document;t=d.selection?" (d.selection.type!= ' None ' D.selection.createrange (). Text: '):(d.getselection?d.getselection (): '); void (vivi= (' ' +escape (d.title) + ' &url= ' + Escape (d.location.href) + ' &desc= ' +escape (t), ' Vivi ', ' scrollbars=no,width=480,height=480,left=75,top=20, Status=no,resizable=yes ')); Vivi.focus (); ><font color= "#FFA620" > Sina vivi</font></a>

<a href= "Javascript:d=document;t=d.selection? (d.selection.type!= ' None ' D.selection.createrange (). Text: '):(d.getselection?d.getselection (): '); void (keyit= (' ' +escape (d.title) + ' &u= ' +escape (d.location.href) + ' &c= ' +escape (t), ' keyit ', ' scrollbars=no,width=475,height=575,left=75,top=20,status=no,resizable=yes '); Keyit.focus ( );" ><strong><font color= "#a287be" >365k</font><font color= "#00CC00" >e</font>< Font color= "#a287be" >y</font></strong></a>

<a href= "Javascript:d=document;t=d.selection? (d.selection.type!= ' None ' D.selection.createrange (). Text: '):(d.getselection?d.getselection (): '); void (wozhai= (' ' +escape (d.title) + ' &u= ' +escape (d.location.href) + ' &c= ' +escape (t), ' Wozhai ', ' scrollbars=no,width=475,height=575,left=75,top=20,status=no,resizable=yes '); Wozhai.focus (); ><font color=blue> I pick </font></a>

<a href= "Javascript:d=document;t=d.selection? (d.selection.type!= ' None ' D.selection.createrange (). Text: '):(d.getselection?d.getselection (): '); void (keyit= (' ' +escape (d.title) + ' &u= ' +escape (d.location.href) + ' &c= ' +escape (t) + ' &img= ', ' keyit ', ' scrollbars=no,width=475,height=575,status =no,resizable=yes ')); Keyit.focus (); ><font color= "#293184" >po</font><font color= "#23B6E7" >co net pick </font></a>

<a href= "Javascript:d=document;t=d.selection? (d.selection.type!= ' None ' D.selection.createrange (). Text: '):(d.getselection?d.getselection (): '); void (keyit= (' ' +encodeuri (d.title) + ' &u= ' +encodeuri ( D.LOCATION.HREF) + ' &c= ' +encodeuri (t), ' keyit ', ' Scrollbars=no,width=500,height=430,status=no,resizable=yes ') ; Keyit.focus (); ><font color= "#FF0000" > Casino Center </font></a>

<a href= "Javascript:d=document;t=d.selection? (d.selection.type!= ' None ' D.selection.createrange (). Text: '):(d.getselection?d.getselection (): '); void (keyit= (' ' +escape (d.title) + ' &u= ' +escape (d.location.href) + ' &c= ' +escape (t), ' keyit ', ' scrollbars=no,width=475,height=575,left=75,top=20,status=no,resizable=yes '); Keyit.focus ( );" ><font color= "#FF9900" >YouNote</font></a>

<a href= "Javascript:t=document.title;u=location.href;e=document.selection? (document.selection.type!= ' None ' Document.selection.createRange (). Text: '):(document.getselection? Document.getselection (): '); void (open (' ' +escape (t) + ' &url= ' + Escape (U) + ' &excerpt= ' +escape (e), ' Hexunbookmark ', ' scrollbars=no,width=600,height=450,left=80,top=80,status= No,resizable=yes ')); ><font color= "#86CCFE" > Dispatch pick </font></A>

<a href= "Javascript:d=document;t=d.selection? (d.selection.type!= ' None ' D.selection.createrange (). Text: '):(d.getselection?d.getselection (): '); void (keyit= (' ' +escape (d.title) + ' &urlstr= ' +escape (d.location.href ) + ' &content= ' +escape (t), ' fav ', ' Scrollbars=no,width=475,height=500,left=75,top=20,status=no,resizable=yes ' );

Keyit.focus (); ><font color= "#0068BA" > Daily collection </font></A>

<!--add Net-->


x6. Drop-down List of links




<select onchange= " (This.options[this.selectedindex].value, ', ')" >

<option selected> Links </option>

<option value= "" >1111</option>

<option value= "" >2222</option>

<option value= "" >3333</option>



x7. Remove the skin banner site name and introduction


#container #header #blogname {display:none}

#container #header #blogname #blogtitle {display:none}

x8. Remove the underscore of the hyperlink


individual skin Hyperlinks are underlined, sometimes looking less beautiful, we can modify link.css to remove them. The attribute that controls the underline is "text-decoration", the underlined parameter is "Text-decoration:underline", and the argument without underlining is "text-decoration:none". If you do not use the "text-decoration" attribute, the default is underlined. You can replace the "underline" with "none" where you don't want to underline, or simply replace all of them.

x8. Files to be backed up by the reload system


1. Back up the database in the BLOGDB directory

2. Back up the files in the attachments directory, which are uploaded attachments

3. Back up the files in the plugins directory, which are all blog Plug-ins

4. Back up the files in the Skins directory, which are all skin files

5. Backup plugins.asp files under the root directory

basically these, if there is any problem with the blog, directly covered with these files to go back.

X9. Code and methods that prohibit copying


Add the following code at the bottom of the system first file (Default.asp) and log file (article.asp). All two files are in the root directory.


<iframe scr= "*.htm" ></iframe>


<script language= "JavaScript" >

document.oncontextmenu=new Function ("event.returnvalue=false;");

document.onselectstart=new Function ("event.returnvalue=false;");


x10. Some descriptions of PJ files

root directory. " footer.asp "Bottom page file, use can add custom code, such as plus statistic code."

root directory. " Bloglink.asp "Application Link page, use can add your own website information, or other."

root directory. " Const.asp "Database and cookie domain files, appropriate modification can increase the security."

"template\article.asp" files, use appropriate modifications can be added to the bottom of the log advertising code or other.

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