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Website optimization must do two things one is the optimization of the station, there is a link outside the station, most of the webmaster for the link outside the station, with more forums and blogs, then we will talk about the optimization of the blog today. Perhaps some people with independent domain name blog, but also some with free blog, such as: Sina, Baidu, NetEase, etc., in fact, free blog more easily do SEO, methods are as follows (for example, Sina for example):

1, to determine what the theme of your blog

Before you do this keyword first want to, this blog theme is what, can carry out the following work, such as you do SEO blog, do weight loss blog and so this is a macro grasp

2, to determine a topic-related key words

After determining a good theme, the next job is to target a specific keyword for optimization, here attention to the selection of keyword skills, such as to do weight loss blog, it is necessary to list and weight loss related words: What weight loss drugs best, the most effective weight loss drugs, and so on. From your list of these keywords in combination with the analysis of the key words of the competitor to finalize one, the proposal to choose more unpopular or not too much competition, because the competition is too big keywords are using a domain name to do, not easy to exceed.

3, the choice of keywords as Sina's avatar nickname

Sina Blog Head of the nickname is the keyword is the site title, this is particularly important, this is to ensure that Sina within a minute to be included in the guarantee.

4, Blog URL optimization

Blog URL optimization is also very important, blog settings allows you to choose a two-level URL of the opportunity, such as you want to do SEO to face, as far as possible to choose the domain name with SEO, such as or such, more conducive to the ranking of the site.

5, fill in the title of the blog

The title is what you see on your blog's home page: Ma Yun's blog, such as fish, such as the blog, this time you will change the title, write your keywords, such as you do SEO local blog, you can write Zhengzhou seo_ Zhengzhou website optimization-China site optimization, This is related to the title of your avatar nickname.

6, write a good blog classification

Maybe everyone is not very concerned about this thing, in fact, a good classification is also very important, do the above steps, you will give your blog to do a good classification, this classification is you want to do some keywords, such as you want to do weight loss, can be divided into several categories such as: Weight loss methods, diet diet, weight loss exercise, Try to have keywords in each category.

7, blog page title optimization

If you're going to do a lot of long tail keywords on your blog, you must pay attention to the use of the title of each page, because this is the key to do long tail words, the title of this page can be as long as possible, this is conducive to the inclusion and ranking, the title as far as possible keyword, and in the body of many occurrences of this long tail word, And the first time it appears bold. Very important.

8, the first paragraph of the blog content optimization

Search engines generally value the first and last paragraph, of course, browsing the net name is the same, the first paragraph is a person's façade, the façade is good to give people the desire to look down, this is from the user experience, for search engines, will appear your keywords.

9. Overall optimization of blog content

Write a clear paragraph, structured content, whether the user or search engine for you to add a lot of attention in the appropriate number of more than a few keywords.

10, the blog's label optimization

Blog provides a tag matching function, use good this, for the blog's inner chain has a lot to do. Tags can highlight your site's keywords, and also to increase the role of the chain.

Above is the blog optimization of the Internal ultimate Chapter, the next I will write "blog optimization outside the chain of the ultimate chapter", Welcome to look forward to!

This article by Zhengzhou seo-Marine fish Son ( stationmaster starts in Admin5, welcome the Exchange reprint!

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