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From the app list, the technician will be door-to-door for car maintenance, which is the most popular car O2O service recently.

"The entire maintenance service takes only 45 minutes, the owner takes advantage of all kinds of debris time, such as working, lunch, shopping and hairdressing." "E Maintenance founder Peak Introduction said, each maintenance service by 2 technicians 1 to 1 above service, the whole process than to 4S store maintenance save 70%~90% time."

Where is the threshold?

In the entire service flow, the user through the app or micro-letter booking after successful, backstage will arrange technicians and vehicles, the need to use the maintenance of parts out of the library and packaging; to the maintenance site, technicians will decorate the site, confirm the maintenance project, start construction

The construction process first is the vehicle appearance, the light, the interior and so on periphery component carries on the examination, then is to the brake oil, the engine, the transmission system and so on core components carries on the examination, finally said the unpacking accessories replacement.

The peak was once the driver of the agent e generation of senior executives, this May, the establishment of the car home maintenance service company, currently can support more than 30 brands of nearly hundred models. In his view, the car maintenance threshold is relatively low, cross brands do not small.

"Maintenance is not maintenance, if it is maintenance so the brand technology monopoly is really big, small companies can not beat 4S shop." But maintenance is like the replacement of printer supplies, e maintenance of the main service is oil three filtration, the technical requirements are not high, the accessories are not accurate, is not authentic. "Peak said.

In the past few months, and e maintenance of similar door-to-door car maintenance O2O company rapid growth, after a rough statistic of this market at least squeezed into more than 10 start-up companies, including Iteca, Homecar, Carradine and so on.

Policy release

Similar to the peak experience, the departure from the Shenzhou rental and also bullish on the market. She founded the Homecar after the first only provide door-to-door car wash service, this September, homecar after the card abandoned this entry-level service, a comprehensive shift to door-to-door maintenance services.

And disclosed that this year the policy adjustment, let homecar such automobile service company to obtain the enormous development opportunity.

September 18, the Ministry of Transport promulgated "on the promotion of automotive maintenance industry transformation and upgrading of service quality guidance." The opinion clearly stipulates, the automobile production and the sale enterprise may not restrict, the intervention consumer chooses the maintenance enterprise and the maintenance service independently, may not use the automobile in "three packs" the period choice not to authorize the maintenance service as the reason refuses to provide the maintenance service.

Prior to this, many 4S stores to implement the "new car warranty must be done in the 4s shop maintenance, otherwise do not enjoy the warranty policy" warranty, the consumer locked in the 4S shop.

In addition, it was stated that "since January 1, 2015, auto manufacturers (including those importing automotive products from outside China to domestic sales) should, in the form of available information, convenient information channels, reasonable information prices, without discrimination and without delay, to authorized maintenance enterprises and independent operators ( including independent maintenance enterprises, maintenance equipment manufacturers, maintenance technology information publishing units, maintenance technology training institutions and other public vehicle maintenance technical information.

This means that the car 4S shop's technical fortress has been breached, any future auto repair enterprises will be able to obtain the same technology, to provide consumers with no differentiated services, which is the main reason for the rapid development of automotive service-related industries since this year.

Rob 4S Store Business

One hand is the first 2014 domestic investment in the automotive market O2O fast Repair projects, the establishment of only less than a year, access to the Ping An innovation fund, Lenovo star and other investors 15 million yuan investment. In Beijing already has five entity shops, founder Zhou Pan anticipates, the year will reach the Beijing urban area The omni-directional coverage.

There are only two core services, sheet metal repair plastic and car paint fast repair. First, there is one hand is only a small workshop style of the steam practice, but this year launched the car insurance reform so that there is a hand has the opportunity to rob the original 4S store of the big cake.

"Car maintenance is basically a symbiotic relationship with the 4S shop, on the one hand, insurance companies rely heavily on the sale of sales of 4S stores, and on the other hand, 4S shop to allow owners to repair in the shop, require insurance companies only in the 4S shop maintenance only to pay." "Zhou Pan said that after the car market repair, only last year, more than 700 billion of the market, of which 70% of the insurance companies paid, which means that the vast majority of the market profits by the iphone shop to make a profit."

"For car owners, 4S Shop maintenance is very slow, the cycle is usually 3-8 days." But in the past, if no longer 4S shop repair, you can not get insurance payments, so anyway is not their own money, time can only be recognized. Zhou Pan said, he found that some users can not tolerate the low efficiency of 4S shop, in order to be able to repair the day to pay, this has become a hand the earliest foothold of this.

In a hand shop, usually repair 5 pieces below are completed the same day, the owner of the car, a will be able to repair, drove away. And the price is much cheaper than the 4S shop, such as the small scrape-scratch price only 99 yuan.

"4S shop and have one hand such repair shop Workshop control is completely different, 4S shop is to staff work the highest saturation as the starting point, the staff division of labor is different, his assembly line must accumulate enough quantity to start, otherwise there will be employees idle state." And our starting point is fast, as long as the owner comes right away, and the vast majority of employees only dry plate spraying fast repair this thing. So the user experience can produce so much difference. "Zhou Pan said.

But now, 4S stores rely on control of insurance claims to retain owners of the business is also beginning to do. Since this year, the CIRC began to start the reform of the insurance rate market, and return the pricing power to insurance companies and markets.

4S Shop Maintenance Price is high, the insurance company in order to let 4S shop a lot to sell insurance, can eat a grievances, 4S shop How much money, insurance company will compensate how much money. "For example, Mercedes-Benz repair a part, 4S Shop price is 2000, and we charge is 1000, insurance company can lose a lot of money, start willing to cooperate with us." "Zhou Pan said.

Now, in a hand of the 5 stores, there are peace, Pacific and other insurance companies in the point, the user chose to have a hand can also be claims, so there is a hand after the service enterprises ushered in the huge development opportunities.

Capital Pushing Hands

In Zhou Pan's view, the reason for financing, not because there is a hand of the traditional car repair business, he thought that there is a hand more like an internet company.

In one hand platform, the user can make an appointment through the mobile phone repair car, through the geographical location can inform the staff to pick up the car, repaired and then returned. They have also developed a SaaS online operating platform based on mobile internet technology to help stores standardize and standardize all the offline business processes such as order management, shop floor management, performance management, member management, and financial management.

Based on this system, there is one hand can provide more services, such as users can pass the app map to get real-time quotes. "If you show up on the road, you don't know how much it costs to repair," he said. You can take a few pictures and upload them to the app, and we'll tell you how much you need and how long it will be. ”

And in the repair shop, there is a hand for each station installed video streaming live, users can watch the maintenance of the live phone at any time. However, Zhou Pan said, the current Internet services are mostly as a marketing platform, with a variety of traffic means docking to obtain orders, from the real O2O still a distance.

e Maintenance of the peak that the capital market is to promote the automobile O2O service market after the main cause of the outbreak, the capital is almost chasing such enterprises run. He predicts that this year will be a year of outbreaks of such services, in the pursuit of capital markets.

"The order of the auto industry is that new car sales – second-hand car sales – Auto service, last year many second-hand car companies, including the easy to shoot, have been financed, and this year, in order to advance the industry, it should also be the outbreak year of the service market." "Peak said.

However, in the peak of the car after the service market competition will soon be upgraded, may eventually form two patterns: or one or two strong brands survive, a single show, or is the warlords, all over the market by the small and medium-sized brand segmentation.

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