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Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] Celebrate Labour my name is Mt wonderful activities constantly for the celebration of 51 Labor Day, "My name is Mt" Operation team launched a series of exciting activities, including Runes rewards, copies of the number of times and prestige value doubled. Like "My name Mt" players don't miss! Let's take a look at the rules. [Product Information] MAGV read the magazine starting in the mainland reading app market in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Apple App Store Cicada even three years of the entire classification and books of the first APP"MAGV Read magazine", in 2013 finally spread out in the mainland to promote the battle. Today, "MAGV read the magazine" First, and through the 2 yuan promotional price let consumers conveniently grasp the fun of reading 500 kinds of popular magazines. Along with the popularity of smartphones, mobile newspapers, mobile magazines, mobile phone books and other moving reading methods are slowly integrated into people's lives, people's reading habits are gradually replaced by mobile, digital mobile phone reading. By the end of 2012, the size of Chinese mobile-phone users reached 291 million, up 34.1% from 2011, and the market for mobile-phone reading reached 5.59 billion yuan, up 33.7% from 2011. [Product Information] invite you to watch Global TV "Universal TV" limited by "Universal TV" is a can watch "Universal TV" program software. If you love watching TV, just like the foreign language channel, do not miss this app Oh! The small series has been tested in person, with no pressure on WiFi, very fluent, and there are many categories and language choice of TV programs, including news, sports, music, children and so on. Feel quite rich! Interested friends don't miss it. It is rare to find a global television application that can be seen in this sad and internet environment. Want to try fresh friends also may wish to collect the ~[product Information] Gorgeous new tour "small Bulb Man" for the first time to limit the "Stay alight small light bulb person" is a new shelves this month a physics puzzle game, incredibly so fast on the limit, like friends don't miss! "Stay alight small light bulb person" is a play similar to "Angry Birds" physical parabolic game. Although this kind of play friends have been tired of, but the game is still with delicate operation and colorful level design brings the player new experience. Especially gorgeous decadent beauty of the microscopic picture is worth your careful taste appreciation! Game players play slightly sprouting light bulb people, in order to eliminate the long like strange pests, anger bar! "Stay alight small light bulb person" is a new shelves this month, a physics puzzle game, incredibly so fast on the limit, like friends don't miss! "Stay alight small light bulb person" is a play similar to "Angry Birds" physical parabolic game. Although this kind of play friends are tired, but the game is still a delicate operationAnd the colorful level design brings the player new experience. Especially gorgeous decadent beauty of the microscopic picture is worth your careful taste appreciation! In the game the player plays the slightly sprouting light bulb person, in order to eliminate the long like strange pests, the rage! [Deprecated apps] deprecated Android apps: "Beautiful wild ball Boxing" according to the Broad Bean network joint "safety housekeeper" by professional test results show that the test of "Beauty Wild ball Fist" after the start, trick users to click to send SMS malicious deduction fee, unauthorized download unknown installation package and silent installation, and collect the user mobile phone information uploaded to the designated server, resulting in user tariff consumption and privacy disclosure. [iOS evaluation] which is the cheapest? Those free phone calls on iOS as a loyal Hong Kong fan of TVB, if you want to sum up the Hong Kong TV drama said the most of the line, it must be unavoidable: you when I call not money AH! This, but today's small series for you to evaluate this kind of app is really those who call no money application. The so-called free telephone software is the use of VoIP technology, analog sound signals digitized, in the form of data packets on the IP data network to do real-time delivery services. The implication of using these software is to talk through the network and consume a small amount of internet traffic. But what about the quality of their calls? Is there really no extra charge on the phone? The following small and Medium-sized series will be introduced. [Android Hot recommended] Holiday travel must be the necessary Android repair software after seven days of hard work, we finally ushered in the 51 holiday, you can relax. In the face of this or three days or seven days of vacation, presumably many friends have already arranged for the trip plan. Taking photos on the trip is certain, but if the phone does not have the image of the software how to do? So also not quick to equip your mobile phone, whether it is their own collection or with friends to share, the photo is more beautiful after repair! [iOS Hot recommendation] 51 home people play some of the most fun of the iOS game recommended very excited to inform friends, there are 2 hours to usher in a happy 51 holidays! Or some friends are already lying at home or on the way home, or on the way to play. For small knitting so love curtilage friends, prepare how to deal with 3 days of small vacation? Light sleep watching TV is not the way, as well as to look at small set to the House people recommend a few games, there is now popular, there are development puzzle, there are killing time and so on .... Don't miss it! [iOS Hot recommended] iphone Travel Essentials 51 Travel You will use the app Inventory 51 long vacation is in front of, it is estimated that many friends have begun to prepare their own travel plans. What applications should you put in your hands when you go out? From my own travel experience, many applications are quite practical when they go out. For example, the application of navigation map class, in a strange place, this is an artifact-like existence. As a tourist, the whole process of eating, drinking, playing, music, ifTo make your entire journey more quality? Today I'm going to recommend some apps that you can put on your iphone before you go out and maybe come in handy at a critical moment. [Android Hot recommendation] Kirin Dog Chillingo Boutique game recommended TOP10 mention Kirin dog, veteran mobile gamers are not unfamiliar, this is actually the domestic players on the well-known game publishers Chillingo nickname. From its most famous game is "Angry Birds", by Rovio Development, Chillingo agent distribution. In addition, there are quite a number of wonderful games, today for everyone to take stock. [iOS top recommendation] 51 small fake easy to travel people must visit the app 51 long holiday is about to open, after a busy 7 days, I believe that a lot of friends will choose to travel or to the periphery to eat and drink, and so on the way to compensate themselves. In fact, many friends think that travel too much trouble, all kinds of things cumbersome. Actually travel is very simple, have an iphone and then say Go! Today, small series to recommend some of the trend of the simple app, so that you 51 easy to travel ~[Brush Machine Tutorial] Huawei Glory + Unicom version (u8950d) unlock and get root permissions tutorial as Huawei Glory + Unicom version (u8950d) to obtain root permissions before the need to unlock, the operation is more complex, So also caused by the various mobile phone forum netizens on how to unlock the u8950d and root issues, users are concerned about most of the issues focused on the following, such as: Huawei u8950d how to unlock? How does Huawei u8950d root? Is there a key root tool for Huawei u8950d? Where is Huawei u8950d unlock and root tutorial? The author after the collection of tests, summed up Huawei Glory + Unicom version (u8950d) unlock and access to the root of the feasible program to share. [iphone limited to free] April 28 iphone limited free app recommended physical parabolic game "small bulb man" fresh elimination "Gem point Extinction" image processing software "Pictool" innovative puzzle game "smart monkey" strategy Tower Defense Game "God of ants" [ipad free] April 28 ipad free app recommended action game "Furious Hammer" leisure action game "Mysterious escape" death racing game "reckless Death racer"
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