"C9" Chinese game name is about to be released in China for the first official debut

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"2010 Tencent Game Carnival" (hereinafter referred to as TGC) will be unveiled in Shanghai in December, has been high domestic game media to look forward to the forefront of the "C9" will be the first time in the TGC scene exposure. "C9" by the Korean NHN Games (now Webzen company) lasted 3 years of painstaking research and development of 3D action class MORPG masterpiece, since the Tencent game announced its mainland China operation rights, with a strong realism style, lifelike gaming experience, highly skilled combat operations have been favored by many players.  and Superman Gas "C9" will be officially announced game Chinese name, several major suspense came into being: C9 LOGO Suspense: "C9" in Chinese name is? As one of the most concerned products, which has been called "C9" by the players, what is the name of the Chinese name? Is it a continental theme related to the game background? Or the pursuit of exotic magical elements?  It is believed that the publication of the Chinese name of "C9" will bring the TGC scene to an climax and become the most anticipated content of the period.  C9 Game screenshots Suspense two: "C9" whether to provide live demo? Can live experience believe is the topic that the player is most concerned about, this TGC scene "C9" Set up the game topic area, provided part of the demo activity as well as other rich and colorful mystical content!  However, it is said that access to experience eligibility is conditional oh, please the majority of players concerned about the follow-up dynamic!  C9 Game screenshots Suspense three: "C9" live version? In Korea to fight for a long time the player must most hope to see one day in the "National Service" carefree game, the game Grand scene, poignant story if in Chinese to deduce what kind of scenery? Can this TGC "C9" bring you the first "Chinese version"?  The answer is expected! Tencent game sincerely look forward to the vast number of players in person on-site, with the player to witness the "C9" in Chinese name release! (Digging the shell net)
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