Can the CHARTBOOST model alleviate China's thirst for traffic?

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Absrtact: Since entering the 2014, the unprecedented flow of the lack of traffic swept the entire Chinese mobile gaming industry, a large number of intensive online mobile phone games because not enough traffic poured into the income is not expected to achieve. Although most users spend most of their time online, they are occupied by mobile phones

Since entering the 2014, the unprecedented flow of the lack of traffic swept the entire Chinese mobile gaming industry, a large number of intensive online mobile phone games because not enough traffic poured into the income is not expected to achieve.

Although the majority of users of the Internet time is occupied by mobile phones, but the low conversion rate of mobile advertising has greatly hindered the release of mobile traffic. In the United States, there are many new mobile advertising platforms like Chartboost and Vungle, whose conversion rates are significantly higher than existing advertising platforms.

So is Chartboost's game-crossover model likely to change China's mobile-hunger disorder?

What is the core of the Chartboost model?

Chartboost was founded in February 2011 in the United States, headquartered in San Francisco, is a game within the advertising platform. The biggest feature of Chartboost is the crossover in the game.

In simple terms, Chartboost provides developers with an Exchange SDK tool between their own games to attract developers (for example, if you defend radish 1 and defend Radish 2 while adding chartboost SDK, these two games can be extended to each other). In addition, Chartboost has an ad test network of over 60,000 games access, making it possible for game developers who need to be promoted to test which games are appropriate for their promotional channels.

Chartboost official website Information, the company currently can touch up to 300 million of independent users, distributed in 150 countries. Access to game vendors include like backflip, Beeline, Booyah, Crowdstar, Gameloft, get Set Games, GREE, Kabam, Kiloo, PlayFirst, Pocket Gems, SGN, TinyCo.

Chartboost's investors include Sequoia Capital, TransLink Capital, SK Telecom Capital, XG Capital and so on, the cumulative raise capital reached 21 million U.S. dollars.

Mobile gaming has become a very important mobile internet access, its salient features are dau large, online long, high user value, so very suitable for the advertising carrier. In the world, Flappy Bird such a small game can have tens of thousands of dollars a day income, and in China, fishing talent, defend radish and other mild casual games advertising revenue is also very impressive.

Chartboost first became famous in the industry because it pioneered the model of plaque change. The standard form of mobile advertising in the early days was banner advertising, but banner ads were very annoying to users in games. Chartboost This kind of plaque advertisement usually appears when the user presses a pause, or at the end of a certain closing time, this time suddenly pops up a full-screen advertisement usually does not cause the user to be strongly disgusted, therefore the conversion rate greatly increases.

Chartboost's main profit model is based on its advertising network service, the mobile ad agency sales business, in short, the model is to attract tens of thousands of mobile game developers through the free Exchange service, and then through the advertising flow of the trading services to make money. If the game developer chooses to use the Chartboost advertisement Platform intermediary service, needs to pay 10% of the expense.

In addition, can also through chartboost to do promotion, according to CPC or CPA settlement. Promotion is only shown to active users to improve the effectiveness of the promotion, and provide detailed data information. Chartboost is able to provide information to other developers about other users of the access platform, if other developers investigate his user information (age, nationality, gender ...). , the data will also be used to feed back to your application, actually to Exchange users. The closer the user is, the better the change effect.

In summary, Chartboost actually includes three features:

1 game publishers can use it in their own game to put full screen ads.

2) with the company of different apps cross promotion (Free exchange).

3 cross promotion between apps of different companies, direct Deal.

There is a good matching algorithm behind Chartboost, so the conversion rate is much higher than the similar advertising platform. Chartboost's CTR (show to click Conversion Rate) is sometimes as high as 10%, while the mobile advertising industry's CTR average is only about 2%.

The core of Chartboost mode is to allow the appropriate game app to automatically match the amount of change to improve the conversion rate. For example, let the angry Bird and the Fruit Ninja carry on a change match instead of letting the fruit Ninja match the COC.

In addition, Chartboost also offers video advertising services and video integration wall services.

is the Chartboost model suitable for China?

At present, there are fruit and other companies in the Copy chartboost mode, but poor development. So is the Chartboost model suitable for China?

And the Chartboost model in China to promote the favorable conditions are:

1 Current mobile game traffic is very scarce, the industry urgently needs new effective mode to obtain new traffic.

2 The conversion rate of chartboost is much higher than that of similar platforms.

3 China's mobile game has developed for several years, there are some life cycle near the end of the game is willing to replace the flow of traffic.

4 Big dau game is more suitable for change, the United States before this kind of game than China, but now China such games have been up. And the big Dau game to Flappy Bird, fishing talent, defend radish This kind of mild casual game mainly. It is worth mentioning that, with the Flappy Bird Leap Red, a large number of domestic appeared like don't step on white block such miniature game, but its dau is quite astonishing, do not tread white piece of dau has broken tens of millions.

But the difference between China and the US market environment is:

1 China's rich developers are willing to buy traffic, a quantity of willing to sell directly, before very few people are willing to take out the change, the mode of change also needs to cultivate the market, domestic mobile advertising in the prevalence of packet, buyout, the way to change in the developer is difficult to open the market.

2 Two game exchange, there must be one side will suffer. How to measure in a more fair way, this is the change platform needs to be solved.

3 Chartboost Traffic Exchange is a core of user sharing, and domestic similar games, especially heavy games, washing users are very serious, we are willing to share users also need time to nurture.

4 If the number of people in exchange for less, CPM cost is very high, but if reached a certain scale, efficiency will be greatly improved.

There have been news that Chartboost intends to enter China, but so far did not see Chartboost in China have any substantive action, there is also news that Chartboost will find agents in China. However, if the Chartboost model is to succeed in China, it must be suited to China's national conditions rather than copying the American model into the country.

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