Can the old station use 301 redirect to the new station?

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In SEO optimization, 301 redirect is a frequently used function, the main purpose is to be in the website revision, or is the website change the domain name when can not affect the user to the website visit, many times redirects to the search engine is not friendly, but 301 is must use, generally in new station just on-line, or the old station revision, or is the site by K use 301 of the effect is very good, because this time using 301 redirect can be a good focus on the weight of the site, but also the weight of the old domain name slowly transferred to the new domain name. So since then we can rest assured that the use of this knowledge, while the old station can also use 301 redirect to the new station.

Web site After the revision, many sites due to the lack of timely use of 301 Redirect, resulting in the site's daily traffic greatly reduced, and a lot of the content of the site will be access errors, such as the consequences of the site's user experience drastically decline, it is easy to be the search engine down right, So if we are in the daily operation of the site once the site changes or change the domain name must be the site to 301 redirect, to ensure that the site's traffic and user experience, and some SEO staff think if the site to do 301 operations, That actually means that we have voluntarily given up 301 of the old site, while the focus shifted to the new site, but we need to know if we will be the old domain 301 redirect to the new domain name, the old domain weight will be passed over time to the new domain name. The longer the old domain name will be less weight.

So through the above simple content introduced most of our novice friends can know, the old station when necessary 301 redirect is very important, but 301 redirect also need to use carefully, not arbitrary use!

Additional: 301 REDIRECT code:

PHP 301 Redirect

Header ("http/1.1 moved Permanently");

Header ("location:http://www");



http/1.1 Moved Permanently

301 redirects under ASP

ASP. NET 301 Redirect

301 redirects under ColdFusion

<.cfheader statuscode= "statustext=" Moved Permanently >

<.cfheader name= "Location" value= "http://www." > old domain name redirect to new domain name

Create a. htaccess file and write the code provided below to the file to ensure that all directories or pages of the old domain name are correctly jumped to the new domain.

Remember that. htaccess files must be placed in the root directory of the old site, and the new site should keep the same directory structure and Web page files as the old one.

Options +followsymlinks

Rewriteengine on

Rewriterule (. *) http://www/$1 [r=301,l]

Please change the above wwwdomaincom to the domain name you want to jump to.

In addition, I suggest you aggregation the old site's external links, and contact the corresponding site to modify the import chain URL to point to the new site.

Note: the. htaccess file only works on a Linux host that uses Apache with the MoD rewrite module as a Web server. SEO

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