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Sun Shubo Chen Shanshan Gao Yongyu an almost all ministries in collaboration with the elimination of backward capacity work will be further upgraded.  Yesterday, the State Council announced the "further elimination of backward capacity work notice" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), and identified the key industries in the recent specific elimination indicators.  A number of industry experts in the "First financial daily" reporter interviewed, said that because the notice of the top ten industries are overcapacity industry, therefore, the specific elimination of indicators in the short term will not have much impact on the capital market.  The Division of labor in various ministries in recent years, China's elimination of backward production capacity has been strengthened, and in 2010 a short period of 3 months, the State Council and relevant authorities to increase the elimination of signal frequency.  Premier Wen Jiabao March 20 presided over the State Council executive meeting, the Power, coal, coke, ferroalloy, calcium carbide, iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, building materials, light industry, textile and other key industries in the recent elimination of backward production capacity proposed a specific target task. During the two sessions in March, the National Development and Reform Commission submitted the "2010 National Economic and Social Plan," the report put forward, will further compress and divert excess capacity, accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity.  Yesterday's announcement is precisely the next step in the specific arrangements for the work.  According to the notice request, the annual target task is decomposed into the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.  Not only that, in the annex to the notice, in addition to the provisions of various departments in the elimination of backward capacity work in the Division of labor, clearly put forward by the Ministry of National Development and Reform Commission, Supervision, Ministry of Finance, CBRC, the commission, including 17 Ministries of the joint "Elimination of backward capacity work inter-ministerial coordination mechanism."    A number of experts in the interview with this newspaper, said that the establishment of inter-ministerial coordination mechanism is the first time in the official document made clear. Elimination indicators have been improved "in the notice for the elimination of backward production capacity of the indicators compared with the past has also undergone a relatively large change.  Yang Baofeng, a researcher at the Oriental Securities Research Institute, said in an interview with our correspondent. For example, the notification request, before the end of 2011, the elimination of 400 cubic meters and the following ironmaking blast furnace, the elimination of 30 tons and the following steelmaking converter, electric furnace.  In accordance with the 2009 "key industry adjustment and revitalization plan", the steel industry to complete the phase-out of 300 cubic meters and the following blast furnace capacity and 20 tons and the following converter, electric furnace capacity. However, it is noteworthy that, in the elimination of backward production capacity at the same time, the current domestic steel production is still increasing, investment also does not fall back.  The statistics of the NBS show that the daily output of crude steel in China was 1.537 million tonnes last December, and the daily output of 1 to February is up to 1.744 million tonnes. A state-owned iron and steel Enterprise senior to the reporter, for the new elimination standards, local iron and steel enterprises also have corresponding countermeasures, such as the current standard is to eliminate 400 cubic meters below the ironmaking blast furnace, then the enterprise to build more than 500 cubic meters of blast furnace, so completely can avoid being demolished. "The criteria for the elimination of backward capacity are set out in full accordance with the general standards, while the newBuild capacity and can not be controlled everywhere, but caused the more obsolete, the greater the capacity. Yesterday's announcement also let the domestic coal industry again waves.  According to the notice, the coal industry to close the end of the year do not have safe production conditions, not in line with industrial policy, waste of resources, pollution of the environment of the small coal 8000, the elimination of 200 million tons of production capacity. That means the provincial plans will be redistributed before the provinces have set targets for shutting down small mines this year, totaling around 4000, with "more than one shutdown." A person in the China Coal Industry Association said in an interview with the first financial daily.
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