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Absrtact: The New Year is coming, and it's time to predict and forecast the trend of science and technology. The CES (International Consumer Electronics Show), held in Las Vegas in January each year, is a good place to watch the trends in consumer technology. So what do ces have to do this year? Automobile technology Look

The new Year is coming, and it's time to forecast and look forward to the trend of technology. The CES (International Consumer Electronics Show), held in Las Vegas in January each year, is a good place to watch the trends in consumer technology. So what do ces have to do this year?

Automotive Technology

Take a look at this year's keynote speaker's list of carmakers, such as Ford and Mercedes. In order not to be overtaken by the fast paced technology of smartphones, the auto industry must shift gears in technology.

The theme of last year's car technology was electric cars and hybrids. This year, it is possible to have more self-driving cars. Automatic driving is actually maturing technically, and it is only because of the accident that legal liability and concerns remain unresolved.

In addition, at this year's CES 2015 show, ordinary consumers are expected to try to deploy Google Android Auto or Apple CarPlay technology smart cars. Of course, its intelligence is still limited to entertainment and navigation rather than autopilot, but the road has to go one step at a time.

Google returns with Android TV

3 years ago Schmidt predicted that most TVs would be built into Google TV in 6 months. We'll probably see this as a joke now. But Google has not given up on its efforts to make television. At CES this year, Google is expected to launch a second impact on its Android TV platform.

Because the Android TV is based on the success of the Chromecast TV bar, the television stick tries to bring a smartphone-like experience to television rather than recreating a PC in the living room. Many manufacturers are expected to post new terminals with built-in Android TV at the show.

If so, Google has the opportunity to unified a lifeless intelligent television platform. However, in China, we seem to be only hehe.

Wearable technology

In the 2014 brewing and clamor, wearable technology is expected to enter the mainstream in 2015. According to CCS Insight forecast, this year's smart watch and exercise wrist strap shipments will be more than 50 million. And CES is undoubtedly the best platform and opportunity to show wearable technology, I believe any major manufacturers will not be absent, this year's trend is the wrist strap or smart glasses, fitness tracker, in the exhibition can be glimpse.

Sensors and related technologies have fallen in price, allowing devices that can track movement, activity, heart rate and even sleep to control prices at around 80 dollars.

But besides being attractive in terms of price, wearable technology also requires a great amount of comfort and fashion to attract the average consumer. As a result, there may be some technical and fashion-related issues at CES this year.

Smart Clothing

But this year's most exciting product is likely to appear on clothing-smart clothing. Because sports enthusiasts have this requirement.

Through the wearing of shirts, trousers, socks and other clothing and sports equipment implanted sensors, the physical data and movement data can be synchronized to the smartphone, so that tennis, football, mountaineering, bicycles and other sports enthusiasts to provide comprehensive monitoring information. Brands such as Adidas, Asics, Under armour and Ralph Lauren have shown clothing that can monitor blood pressure and sweating.

Internet of Things

Another topic of concern is the Internet of things. This year's CES will be the largest ever Internet products, technology and services exhibition, with more than 900 exhibitors. But although the internet of things has been hyped for several years, the immaturity of products, the lack of uniform standards and the uncertainty of ideas still constrain the development of Internet applications. Some companies, such as Google, are already making efforts to buy and build nest ecosystems. At this year's show, we can see whether the industry has formed a new consensus.

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