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Sichuan Changhong Group Chairman Zhao Zhao: the internet led the TV industry into the intelligence era Sina Science and technology news November 29 Noon, by the state news and publication of SARFT, the National Internet Information Office guidance, sponsored by the Chinese Network Audio-visual Association, "The First China Network audio-visual conference" held in Chengdu today. Sichuan Changhong Group Chairman Zhao The meeting and speech, the following for the Zhao speech record: Thank you for taking the time to listen to my report, just listened to a few guests before the speech, I have a few feelings, first, deeply inspired, second, feeling a little frustrated. Because ten years ago, if we talk about audio-visual, we will talk about television, talk about television, but the front of the guests very few people mentioned television, and less people mentioned television, let me feel that I am the room inside the superfluous person, indeed the Internet has changed all this, Is the internet let us this industry into a new era. We call this the age of wisdom. How to understand? We think of it as a tree, the fruit of this tree, is all kinds of terminals. Including the screen, but also including without screen, refrigerators, air-conditioning can be hung up, this product can grow in a tree because they have different trunks, the core is the OS, that tree growth in the land is all kinds of operators, including radio and television operators, including telecommunications operators. The tree needs rain to grow, it is cloud, it is content. We see the intelligent age is such a tree, is such an ecology, we gave the tree a name, called Smart Book, if we give this book a nickname, called the apple tree. From this point of view to Changhong, we do feel that we are facing great difficulties and pressure, our position in the terminal, but in the operating system SOC we are weak, we and the basic telecommunications operators are very little contact, especially with the telecom operators, we and they do not contact much, Cloud in a sense to us just means distance, how to do? How do we seek our survival in these two eras? Changhong's idea is this. We are a terminal enterprise, but we have to define our current terminals as personal terminals, that is to say in our head to eliminate the concept of home appliances, each product is a specific individual, or belong to a few specific individuals, we have to all the terminal intelligent, color TV to intelligent, refrigerator air-conditioning intelligent, There will be a lot of new intelligent terminals in the future, these intelligent terminals sold out, from our point of view we also built a sensor network via internet connection. Today, we call the Terminal intelligent Terminal, because it is integrated, because through the sensor interface, we can know the use of the terminal, so we can provide consumers with more and more experience, can be more and more good. Such data converge in the cloud, so many terminals, different types of data to the cloud, in a sense, we build a consumer in the cloud, the user's real life more and more complete digitization, if the view of large data is very valuable. The third we call Synergy, everybodyTalk about the wisdom of the family, the wisdom of the community, in our view, the family, the composition of the community, they have the intelligent terminals linked together, can constitute a smart family, smart community. Changhong is now doing the work in these areas. October 15, we put this strategy for the first time public release, in fact, the work behind the beginning of three years ago, investors to our strategy is more recognized, less than one months rose 50%, I am under pressure, and pressure is growing, because the next January. We've been doing a major product release every month since January, we will launch a series of products and solutions to demonstrate our stability on such an action roadmap, and I can safely say that these products are products that have not been previously, or that people are not looking to build this product in such an angle, But I am not sure that consumers will like our products. The time left for us to improve our work has been very limited, so I am under a lot of pressure. But can not take this step, can not take this step, can not be achieved in this direction, Changhong will not have a future, the traditional electronic consumer areas will not have a future, we will continue to work.
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