Changhong released a new home Internet terminal product Chiq TV in Mianyang, Sichuan

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January 18 Evening News, Changhong in Mianyang, Sichuan released a new home Internet terminal products--chiq TV. New products began in the website of Changhong at 20:00, at the same time in Beijing East and the cat booking. Changhong Chairman Zhao that Chiq pay attention to interactive and multiple-screen synergy, can solve the traditional TV existing three major problems.

Data from Nielsen show that the current television in people's lives in a relatively embarrassing situation, the specific performance of 3 aspects:

1, in the last five years, people spend less than 55 hours watching TV, down by 56%.

2, in the last five years, people watch video time cumulative increase of 363 hours, up to 215%.

3, the last five years, the people willing to stay home up 34%.

The above data shows: On the one hand, people's demand for video is greatly increased, on the other hand, people's demand for television is declining, Zhao that the reason for this is that the traditional TV has three major problems:

1, the interaction is too bad. There are many domestic television channels, the traditional remote control has become a drag.

2, the TV can't move. In Zhao's view, people at home also have a mobile demand for video.

3, TV content access is not convenient. The information function of TV is more and more heavy, everyone's request for amusement is simple, but now many TV can't reach such request.

From the release of the new products, Chiq TV to the above mentioned 3 shortcomings have been targeted to avoid and improve. First of all, Changhong new products to the mass video content of the convergence, followed by the Changhong for the multi-screen synergy optimization. Zhao Special emphasis, Changhong do is a multi-screen synergy rather than multi-screen interaction, Changhong users can not use the remote control, just because of the elderly children to configure the remote control.

It is reported that as a complete product line Changhong, the release of a total of 10 new products, the size of 40-inch, 42-inch, 49-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 58-inch, 65-inch. Price, the current only announced the price of two products, 55-inch product prices are 9876 and 12345 yuan respectively.

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