Changhong's illegal informer was arrested

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Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Mianyang government departments, the IRS and the Sichuan Securities Bureau for Changhong "financial door" of the audit has come to the formal conclusion, Sichuan Changhong does not exist illegal violations.  Sichuan Securities and Regulatory Bureau in accordance with the petition procedures, on May 20, the relevant conclusions have been answered by the informer van der.  On the night of 20th, the informer was taken away by the police and confirmed to have been detained. The end of the verification did not find the violation of the original Changhong sales office, director of the Hunan CMC, the report of the virtual increase in income, tax evasion and virtual open value-added tax invoices and so on, the IRS, Sichuan Securities and Regulatory Bureau then involved in comprehensive verification, and in the near future finally confirmed that Changhong does not have  The results of the investigation were also communicated to the Mianyang government in written form. The above-mentioned departments revealed that the core of a series of charges is that the Sichuan Changhong 1998 financial report and the final balance of business acceptance of the end of the 2.25 billion yuan sales income is untrue, suspected tax evasion or false open value-added tax invoices, this sales behavior involves Langzhong home appliances, Chongqing Department stores, Nanjing,  Mianyang Five-turn, Shanghai Ying-da A total of 5 enterprises. Then the Sichuan Securities and Regulatory Bureau in accordance with the petition procedures for Sichuan Changhong, the relevant accounting firms and related units carried out a comprehensive verification. by verifying the audit papers of Sichuan Monarch and CPA firm at that time, it confirms that the above 2.25 billion-yuan sales behavior exists and does not have duplicate record behavior, and has not found any violation of the accounting system in the past years, such as the loss of the collector, the inventory depreciation, the advertising expenses, the dead-die machine losses and so on.  In addition, the above 5 enterprises and the relevant units in the investigation and inspection, the 1998 commercial acceptance of the draft and related sales and marketing business has not been denied. State tax investigation, the above departments said that the IRS did not find the charges related to tax evasion or falsely open value-added tax invoices.  According to the accounting records, tax processing and related materials, with 5 customers related to the receipt of the bill is true and effective, invoices issued, tax declaration and payment of normal compliance, the relevant sales and sale return behavior to meet the requirements of the tax law, the relevant bills issued also with accounting treatment. Informer van der was arrested in Sichuan Changhong was reported, company spokesman has publicly said that the van der is taken out of context, one-sided misinterpretation and other ways, through public opinion publicly malicious slander the company's commercial reputation, in order to protect the interests of the company and the vast majority of investors, the company will be prosecuted by the law for the commercial reputation of changhong company of the criminal,  Civil liability. It is understood that "financial door" Informer van der was taken by the police 20th night.  Reporters yesterday from the Zhang Litao of the wife of the van der Zhang Litao confirmed that the police have not yet got the legal documents, it is not clear what reason for the police to take away. Zhang Litao recalls that 20th night at about 9 o'clock, they sell mobile phones in a supermarket in Wujiang, suddenly around five or six plainclothes, show a police card, then directly to their handcuffs away. Then van der was held in the detention room, where she remained in the lobby, but was not allowed to call. "They say Mianyang police let himHelp catch. At about 2 o'clock in the morning, the police began the arraignment. Yesterday morning, Zhang Litao to Shanghai and the Van der to report Changhong when the agent lawyer Shichang get in touch.  Shichang said that there was no formal legal instrument on the matter and no comment was made on the matter. According to media reports, Wujiang Police have confirmed that fan was detained, Mianyang Public Security Bureau propaganda department also confirmed the case is in the investigation process. It is reported that the Van der is in five working days after will be transferred to Sichuan Mianyang Police, and Mianyang is Changhong's hometown.
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