Characteristics and trends of security development of cloud computing application

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Security development characteristics of cloud application

1. The threat of application security and data security is expanding

Looking at the service object of cloud computing, it mainly involves public cloud application security, private cloud application security and hybrid cloud application security, from the service level, it mainly involves the security of end user cloud application and cloud, such as infrastructure, Service (IaaS) security, platform as service (PaaS) security, software as service ( SaaS) security, virtualization security, and more. Data security includes data integrity, issues such as data confidentiality and non-repudiation, where risks arise not only from the pitfalls of data loss, but also from regulatory conflicts, such as the regulatory requirement to encrypt stored data, but how users know whether cloud service providers are encrypted and what regulations should apply to Cross-border cloud services.

2. The controllability of data sovereignty is facing a severe test

Data sovereignty is not a term, it involves national security, not careless. If multinational enterprises have a comprehensive grasp of China's mobile Internet s domain of software, applications and services market, the future of a large number of financial, industrial, consumer and even economic security in the field of information may be through data mining technology for human use, China's data sovereignty will be very serious situation.

3. Mobile cloud services face new security challenges

The security environment of mobile Internet is also more complex than traditional internet, the threat source and the range of attack are more extensive, and the mobile data containing a lot of personal information and confidential information is more likely to attract hacker's attention. Moreover, the mobile Internet's unique "application platform Store + individual application developers" of the former shop back-yard model, making the supervision and review more difficult, malicious software and hacker software more easily, which led to the development of the people may also be a special situation of the national hacker. From a technical point of view, the main security threats to mobile cloud security is malware, confidentiality and access authentication, in order to ensure cloud security, to take the mobile phone security software, cloud access protection and embedded identity protection and other security measures.

4. Cloud Application Security field failed to form resultant force

The current cloud security products are mainly concentrated in the application of security, the domestic security software manufacturers currently have a certain application cases, but the number of cloud security solutions, quality and the strength of manufacturers compared with the country still exist a certain gap.

Second, the security development trend of cloud application

1, cloud computing and information security will be deeply integrated

Cloud computing and information security Integration in the following three aspects: first, the use of information security products to prevent the security threats in the cloud. The second is to use cloud computing technology for information security products, such as the implementation of cloud technology based security management platform, terminal security management products, anti-virus products, data loss protection products. Third, solve the problem of network crime based on cloud computing. We must consider the precautions against cloud crime.

2, Cloud computing security solutions will be richer

With the comprehensive development of cloud computing, information security issues emerging, domestic manufacturers will be based on the traditional advantages of rapid cloud computing security solutions, typical enterprises include: Venus Chen will be in the cloud computing platform security software, virtualization security and other fields to launch a new breakthrough; The Guardian will use in the cryptography technology, Data confidentiality and terminal security in the field of technical advantages, in the cloud computing environment data security and identity authentication and other issues to accelerate the product.

3, Cloud computing security standards will be introduced in succession

The rapid development of cloud computing industry makes the enterprise migrate to the cloud faster and faster, the security problem of cloud application is becoming more and more prominent, and the standard of cloud security is urgent to be promulgated. Cloud security standards in the face of a major problem is that the current Chinese cloud computing industry participants have not yet formed a common set of technical standards and operating standards. With the development of cloud computing standards, the application of cloud computing security standards will be pilot spread.

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